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    Salary Cap #s, Nov. 8, 2005

    8 November 2005

    We've managed to get our eyeballs on the team-by-team cap numbers for all NFL franchises. The numbers are through Saturday, and they don't reflect any deals done in the last few days (e.g., the Brian Westbrook and David Akers contracts in Philly).

    The Eagles led the pack with a whopping $9.427 million.

    Next, the Texans with $5.858 million.

    Here are the rest, in descending order:

    Jaguars: $4.14 million.
    Chiefs: $4.017 million.
    Browns: $3.952 million.
    Cowboys: $3.779 million.
    Cardinals: $3.54 million.
    Bears: $3.420 million.
    Rams: $3.239 million.
    Bengals: $3.086 million.
    Giants: $3.02 million.
    Vikings: $2.356 million.
    Saints: $1.89 million.
    Packers: $1.724 million.
    Redskins: $1.523 million.
    Dolphins: $1.512 million.
    Chargers: $1.384 million.
    Panthers: $1.337 million.
    Colts: $1.303 million.
    Jets: $1.156 million.
    Ravens: $1.145 million.
    Seahawks: $1.097 million.
    Raiders: $996,000.
    Steelers: $811,000.
    Buccaneers: $743,000.
    Bills: $686,000.
    49ers: $651,000.
    Falcons: $646,000.
    Broncos: $641,000.
    Titans: $622,000.
    Lions: $554,000.
    Patriots: $495,000.

    November 7 is the deadline for increasing base salary in 2005 as a tool for using up remaining cap room. Teams still can continue to use their remaining cap room through December 31, either through signing boni or so-called "Likely to be Earned Incentives" that, as a practical matter, won't be earned, essentially permitting the team to carry extra cap room over to 2006.

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    Re: Salary Cap #s, Nov. 8, 2005

    Just enough to get another decent player!

    Spend that money, spend that money!

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    Re: Salary Cap #s, Nov. 8, 2005

    I take 50K of the remaining 2 million and I clean up the locker room and sweep all the offices.

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    Re: Salary Cap #s, Nov. 8, 2005

    we could grab a couple of players for some defensive depth. that would be nice.
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re: Salary Cap #s, Nov. 8, 2005

    That is a decent number to still have left. PFT is not the best source for stuff like this though, although it seems that most of those numbers seem acurate.
    I would like to see us try and get a couple more players on O-line just to see if we can get anything effective ... unless Fonoti comes through soon ... also maybe a player or two for depth on defense.

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