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    Re: Saints 'Miracle Play'

    Teams should try and do that more often. No one is expecting it. The only thing is the passes have to be perfect. Remember when the Titans did it and it worked to?

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    Re: Saints 'Miracle Play'

    .....And the Aint's end up losing that game....missed PAT. Poor Carney.

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    Re: Saints 'Miracle Play'

    "Lotza" wrote:
    yeah that was a sweet play

    It was....and they still lost! The Aints are sad......
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    Re: Saints 'Miracle Play'

    That was a suite play....too bad they lost....:lol:

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    Re: Saints 'Miracle Play'

    I remember, that was the only play better than the Mosstoss that year.

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    Re: Saints 'Miracle Play'

    didnt the texans lose teh same way last year? I remember a kick return to set up a game tieing extra point, which was missed.
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