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    Re: Ryan Grant on IR

    How was Grant over-rated? By who?

    He was around the 4th best back in this league in production since winning the starting job, yet very few even knew it.

    I don't see how that can possibly translate into "over-rated."

    Brandon Jackson may or may not be just as good as Grant going forward. No one knows right now. As a pass-first team, an argument can easily be made that Jackson will be at least as productive as Grant, as he is better as a screen threat, imo.

    John Kuhn is going to get the ball more, as well. This is a POSITIVE development, imo--- Good things happen when the ball is in John Kuhn's hands.

    Losing Grant is great fodder for media-types and wishful thinkers on other team's discussion boards, but I can't think of another team in the NFL that losing their number one back SHOULD hurt LESS than the Pack.

    I will not be surprised if our offensive production goes UP as a result.

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    Re: Ryan Grant on IR

    Caine wrote:
    poisoning16 wrote:
    It obviously hurts, but I don't think it will hurt them too much. As others have said, Packers are a pass first team, and have been for a while. They use the running game to keep defenses honest, and to just get positive yards and put them in manageable 3rd down distances

    As far as JAckson goes, he was given the spot(without earning it) his rookie year, where he was pretty raw. No surprise he struggled out of the gate. He has improved in all facets of his game the last few years. He has become a very good pass-blocker and is a better receiving threat out of the backfield than Grant was

    It is easier to fill the hole at RB if the RB isn't an elite one, and nobody would call Grant that. They have a nice first half schedule, so Jackson will get his shot. If he doesn't do well, I would see the Pack make a play for one of the Buffalo RB's. They also have James Starks on PUP who could become a factor later

    They recently plucked a RB from the Falcons practice squad. They tried hard to keep him. Who knows what he'll be able to do...but it was only a few years ago that the Packers traded a 6th roudn pick for the #4 RB on the Giants who nobody heard of or cared about
    What this will do, however, is dial up the pressure on Rodgers. He barely weathered the storm from an aggressive Philly defense, and that was WITH the threat of Grant carrying the ball to keep people somewhat honest.

    No, Grant isn't elite by any stretch, but he was SOLID.

    With him out, Rodgers' target on his back just got a LOT bigger, and with the way those Packer Tackles struggled with Philly, and the fact that an already mostly one-dimensional Offense just became even moreso, I think this affects the Packers a LOT more than many here think it will.


    To be honest, the pass protection was much better in the 2nd half...I think 2 of the 3 sacks were on one series, otherwise the line held up fine. Jackson is a better pass-blocker than Grant, to, and it showed in that 2nd half.

    Again, Packers don't play any real good teams until the Vikes come to town...but I think by then teams will be surprised by Jackson. I think he is good enough to keep defenses honest, just like Grant was.

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    Re: Ryan Grant on IR

    ThorSPL wrote:
    Well written post and I tend to agree with your thoughts regarding this matter. If I were you I would be pushing hard for Lynch. Slaton would also be a great pick-up but I feel the Texans are too thin at RB to get rid of him.
    To be honest, if they did venture and trade for one of those Buffalo RB's, I'd rather it be Fred Jackson.

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    Re: Ryan Grant on IR

    Jackson is a thumper. But that teams is all about QB and defence. Running game is secondary. Even though Grant had 1200 yards last year, its a system they run. Grant does nothing special
    We're bringing purple back.

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