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Minnesota Vikings
QB Tarvaris Jackson – There will never be more pressure on Jackson than in this season, after the team acquired Sage Rosenfels to compete for the starting job and pulled out of trade talks for Denver’s Jay Cutler. Indeed, head coach Brad Childress appears to have pushed all his chips in on Jackson, so the quarterback could be holding in his hand both his own job and Childress’. He’s also a free agent after this season, so 2009 has the potential to determine the course of his NFL career … or if there will be one at all.
Still cracks me up.

Traded for yet another QB.
Rumored to have been first to call on Cutler and still the yutz's believe he has all his chips in on TJ.

He traded for a backup QB. We have no clue how that will turn out. "Rumored" is the key word in that second statement. I thought you said Chilly does not make decisions? LOL had to add that.
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