"Eyedea" wrote:
Whats the ruleing for taking your helmet off during the game.
I know you cannot to celebrate (remembering the Rudd play against the chiefs a few years ago), but can you ever take it off?
My question is because on the holding penatly on Franks, Farve took his helmet off in frustration.
Were we had or not?
I'm not even going to read what the Viking faithful will write about this - because I know they'll make it a Favre issue.

I see players taking their helmets off on the field ALL THE TIME and it's not called.
Not just on Favre.
I believe that that was one of the NFL's "Point of Emphasis" a few years back and was called steadily, mostly to keep the helmets on after TDs and such.
I haven't seen that flag called in a couple years including what appear to be blatent violations (like the one by Favre last night).