Last time I started this type of thread, Percy Harvin ended up as the Rookie of the Year. I don't believe I made a RotY-watch thread last year (because quite frankly I didn't think the chances of us having one was good), but this year we have not one, but TWO very good candidates.

First round quarterback: Christian Ponder.

Most people's choice as best tight end coming out of college: Kyle Rudolph.

The addition of Donovan McNabb certainly makes it much harder for Ponder to get playing time, but who knows? Maybe McNabb gets injured or benched and Ponder makes a run for it towards the end of the season.

As for Rudolph, I know the chances for a TE getting the RotY are slim, but he has great pass-catching abilities and with a 10+ TD season he could make a claim for the throne.

I like the Vikings' chances, especially with Ponder starting cause him and Rudolph seems to be bonding. Wouldn't surprise me if Rudolph became Ponder's favorite target.

By the way, feel free to check out this video of Ponder and Rudolph: