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    Re: Rookie qb review

    i think culter might be starting before the season is over. i saw him, and still see him, as the only guy ready to start games in the nfl now.
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re: Rookie qb review

    I'm with you, COJO, AND CAJUN!

    But vikefanman2000 makes a great point too!

    Out of all of the "Media Darlings", Cutler looks the best.
    Damn, he's
    got a rocket!

    But c'mon, T-Jack will show them all, that he's the "Steal Of The Draft".
    Damn, he's been so impressive!
    I can't remember seeing a better poised rookie;
    making great decisions, and with great touch!!!!!!!

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    Re: Rookie qb review

    Tjack looked good In the Sets that he played for and I definitely think that he is second string or should be there is no way that Mcmahon or O'Sullivan Should even be considered. But I am interested to see how he does when he has to play for more than a quarter or two.

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    Re: Rookie qb review

    This article is depressing.
    Where's the love for Tarvaris Jackson.
    He's looked better than all of them
    almost no one knew the name "Tavaris Jackson" before we picked him, people have been talking about these 3 since the end of the 2005 draft, these are the people the majority of the public want to read about

    who cares about a no-name project QB from a division II school?

    give them a year or two =) the media will be all over him

    "We’ll win our own Super Bowl, with our own players. Real Vikings. Something Brett Favre can never be."

    - Dan Calabrese

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    Re: Rookie qb review

    With T.j coming from a smaller school, and the vikes giving the reigns to B.j it'll be a long time before the midia show's any luv to our young talented QB.


    "We tried to stick with it, but there was a point where we were beating our head against a wall," Seattle Coach Mora talking about running at the Williams Wall

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