"V4L" wrote:
I'm a Vick fan.. I watch as much Falcons as I can.. And here's how I see it

Starting with the flipping off the crowd.. Uncalled for yes.. But tell me how many of you haven't done something WAYYYYYY more stupid in the heat of the moment? Or even for the hell of it.. Not saying he should have done that.. But it's his first "serious" offense.. I'm gonna cut him some slack.. He came and appologized right off the bat like he should have.. And I forgive him

Now onto his play.. He is a good QB.. He wins games.. And gives his team a good shot to win.. Watch a Falcons game and try to tell me his line is good.. It's horrible.. And so are his WR's.. NONE of them can catch.. Has a good TE.. That's about it.. He is basically in the same situation as us on offense.. Good running game.. No line and no WR's.. He puts up pretty good numbers for the circumstances.. Not to mention he should break the QB rushing record.. He is a wee bit unaccurate.. But he is a playmaker and will win u games by himself.. Doesn't make all that many mistakes.. And i'm pretty sure he would have ATLEAST 2-5 more TD passes this year if it weren't for dropped balls.. And yes I did see them.. Easy passes right into the WR's hands and dropped.. Roddy White and Lelie are horrible

D is also not doing so good.. So that kinda takes it outta ya..

One Love
what vick did is uncalled for wether in the heat of the moment or not. immature along with unwarrented are a few things that come to mind when i think of the "dirty bird" vick whiped out.

and there are 10 other guys out there that make the show run for the falcons btw.

and at what point does it become the WRs fault, and a bad pass. vick doesnt have amazing WRs, but they are adequate enough that most QBs would have 2 great targets.

and about vicks oline, man, vicks offensive line is amazing, and they routinely get great lanes for their RBs and vick. i geuss you could look at when he runs around for hours (and dodges 320 pound fat guys that stumble all over the place) and the oline gets tired. eventaully the defense will get free.

and a wee bit inacurate is just a wee bit inacurate. the dude slings the ball a mile, but cant seem to hit his target like an NFL QB should.

all in all vick wins games, and makes the highlight reel on ESPN. what more is there to not like?

vick = NFLs top 5 athletes
vick = NFLs bottom 5 starting QBs