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    Roman bashes Packers

    Packers | Roman bashes organization after signing with 49ers
    Mon, 31 Jul 2006 16:40:44 -0700

    The Associated Press reports San Francisco 49ers SS Mark Roman said he felt the Green Bay Packers handled his situation poorly. Roman was released by the Packers Thursday, July 27. The move came four months after he requested his release from the team. "They handled the situation bad, the way they did it, and not letting me go to camp," Roman said. "I wish they had handled it differently." Roman added that the Packers were hesitant to give him permission to talk to other teams after the team signed S Marquand Manuel during the offseason.

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    Re: Roman bashes Packers

    yeah that is kind of bad, if the guy requested to be let go and you keep him(while probably planning to release him anyways) to the point where he's lucky to get into any training camp on time - thats kind of dirty

    but it is the packers ^_^

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    Re: Roman bashes Packers

    Aren't all past and present Packers always whining about something?

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    Re: Roman bashes Packers

    Well he should be thankful he's out, but he did go to a team that will have an early pick in 2007, either just before or next pick after the pack.

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