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    Roids linked to Steelers


    Here is the article:

    [size=12pt]NY investigation leads to raid of Orlando pharmacy[/size]

    And the relevant quote:

    The Times Union said a New York investigator flew to Pittsburgh last month to interview a physician for the Pittsburgh Steelers about why he allegedly used a personal credit card to purchase roughly $150,000 in testosterone and human growth hormone in 2006.

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    Re: Roids linked to Steelers

    I'm not sure what questions I'd rather face as a first time head coach, Love Boat questions or questions that your doc has the team juiced on HGH. Good luck Tomlin.


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    Re: Roids linked to Steelers

    There is something going on here you just don't buy that much HGH on a personal credit card for nothing.
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    Re: Roids linked to Steelers

    personal credit card..tryin to keep it on the lowdown..seems like hes sharing somethin with some of the members of the team
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