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    Is Roger Goodell an 'Unthinking Moralist?'

    [size=12pt]Is Roger Goodell an 'Unthinking Moralist?'[/size]
    Posted Apr 1st 2008 9:15AM
    by Stephanie Stradley
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    Re: Is Roger Goodell an 'Unthinking Moralist?'

    Here's the link for Mr. Standon's blog post. Pretty interesting stuff. I agree that Goodell probably is a moralist, by Standon's definition. But I don't necessarily agree that this is such a bad thing for the NFL. The league is wildly successful right now, and I'm not so sure that having a bureaucrat like Goodell in there is such a bad thing. Clean up the little areas that need to be cleaned up now, save the visionary stuff for when a visionary is needed.

    On a side note, I applied to Willamette University's Law School for this fall, so perhaps I'll meet Professor Standon. Seems like he'd be a pretty fascinating guy to talk sports with.

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    Re: Is Roger Goodell an 'Unthinking Moralist?'

    One thing the author kindof discounts or really doesn't address is the fact that the Owners are Goodell's boss and not a bunch of fans and sports hacks.

    I am sure he was given a mandate by the owners to take a hard stance on certain instances and is working within his charter to do just that.

    Long story short, look to see more and more players suspended (regardless of talent/team stature) with the owners support.
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    Re: Is Roger Goodell an 'Unthinking Moralist?'

    Unthinking? Meaning, he had a thought and is now undoing it? Interesting use of the English language.
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    Re: Is Roger Goodell an 'Unthinking Moralist?'

    i like goodell when he 1st became the commish, i liked how he cracked down on criminals in the nfl right awy
    but lately i dont like him, with the whole "no celebration" rule, and the whole destroying the patriots evidence, hes still better than gary betman lol

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