Revis Island is no fantasy destination for NFL Wide Receivers

Imagine a place called Revis Island. It sounds like a tropical destination, lined with palm trees and surrounded by crystal-clear water as far as the eye can see. But in reality, Revis Island is a nightmare -- at least if you're an NFL wide receiver. It's a cold, dark place where wideouts disappear like boats in the Bermuda Triangle.

The ruler of this terrible place is Darrelle Revis, the most-feared cornerback this side of Deion Sanders. But Neon Deion wasn't in his prime while fantasy football was such a phenomenon. In my 10-plus years in this business, I can say with complete faith that I've never seen a cornerback make such an impact in traditional fantasy leagues.
Over his final six games, he allowed a combined 13 receptions for 124 yards to six of the league's most talented wideouts.
That is freaking disgusting.

Sidney Rice, Vikings: Rice is coming off his best season at the NFL level, so his draft value has never been higher (assuming, of course, that Brett Favre returns). He could struggle against Revis, though, as the two match up in Week 5.
So looking forward to the Superbowl preview this week.