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    Re: Report: New start-up league could rival NFL

    Article from yesterday's NYT:
    First and Long — Very Long

    And another from one of my favorite sports writers (you'll have to watch a brief ad to read this one, as it is from
    King Kaufman's Sports Daily

    I like the idea of the UFL, in theory. It's not unlike having different divisions of soccer, like MLS and USL in the US, or the plethora of different leagues in Europe. I particularly like the idea of having a team in Portland, of course, but I could see this thing actually working with a team in LA. I also like the idea of the teams being partly owned by the fans. I would probably be willing to put a little money down on a local team, and I would certainly go out to the games. It's tough when the nearest professional team is the Seahawks, who I have about as much interest in seeing as in contracting herpes.

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    Re: Report: New start-up league could rival NFL

    "michaelmazid" wrote:
    let the big boys spend some of their money which is sitting in a bank anyway. anything to get this economy going a little bit cause boy I am hurting... :'(
    Even if it turns out to be a success I don't think the economic benefits will trickle down to the Kazakhstan economy.

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