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    Reggie Bush Investigation

    Does this honestly surprise any of us? I would say no, you know something had to be going on...

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    Re: Reggie Bush Investigation

    You knew something like this was coming when it was learned shortly before the draft that his mom and dad were living in a house they couldn't afford.
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    Re: Reggie Bush Investigation

    This suprises anyone?.....I don't think so, and it goes on all over the country with college's, agents, buisnesses, and yes the athletes make out because of it..

    And do you really think Bush gives two craps today for it, NO.....He's filthy rich for the rest of his life, and probably walks into the bank with a big smile on his face every time..



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    Re: Reggie Bush Investigation


    Sad part is that the USC program is likely to get in trouble for the selfish acts of this guy.
    The family lived for 20 years without a mansion....they couldnt wait one more year??
    What a disgrace!
    I'd much rather see the Packers miss the playoffs because of their talent then because of their injuries.

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    Re: Reggie Bush Investigation

    "VikingNed" wrote:

    And do you really think Bush gives two craps today for it, NO.....He's filthy rich for the rest of his life, and probably walks into the bank with a big smile on his face every time..

    yup, hes just an example of somebody who simply cares about $$.
    Ethics, honesty, integrity are meaningless to him.
    I wonder if they could strip him of the Heisman... then again i doubt that he would care if they did

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    Re: Reggie Bush Investigation

    This type of thing has and always will happen.

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    Re: Reggie Bush Investigation

    I think I'm going to do a little bush investigating as well!

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Reggie Bush Investigation

    Make sure you begin the investigation at your nearest Pink Taco

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    Re: Reggie Bush Investigation

    Is this a good enough bush

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    Re: Reggie Bush Investigation

    Saints | Probe shows evidence R. Bush accepted improper benefits
    Thu, 14 Sep 2006 18:51:50 -0700

    Charles Robinson and Jason Cole, of Yahoo Sports, reports an eight-month investigation has revealed evidence New Orleans Saints RB Reggie Bush and his family accepted financial benefits of more than $100,000 from marketing agents while at USC. The benefits could lead to NCAA sanctions against the school and possibly cost Bush his Heisman Award. One of the groups who supplied Bush with benefits was his current marketing agent, Mike Ornstein, and one of his employees. The other group involved was Michael Michaels and Lloyd Lake, who were attempting to launch an agency called New Era Sports & Entertainment. Documents and on-the-record interviews with sources close to the situation show Bush and his family accepted financial benefits from Ornstein and a business associate. Some of the benefits included round-trip airfare and limousine transportation for a game in November of 2005, suits for his stepfather and brother as well as a makeover for his mother for Bush's Heisman ceremony and $1,500 weekly payments to the Bush family. Ornstein denied giving Bush or his family benefits and called the cash payments accusation a lie. He described the travel arrangements as a loan that was paid back by the family.


    POSTED 9:23 a.m. EDT, September 15, 2006


    While we were in Morgantown on Thursday night watching the next can't-miss NFL running back prospect make like a man among embryos against the Maryland Terrapins, Charles Robinson and Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports blew the lid off of the controversy that has been swirling around last year's high-end halfback.

    Though qualifying their conclusions with lawyer-recommended terms like "appear," the import of the article is obvious:
    former USC tailback Reggie Bush and family got paid, and handsomely, while Bush was still an NCAA-eligible student-athlete.

    Per the report, the Bushes "apparently" received more than $100,000 from rival groups attempting to secure the ability to represent Bush in his off-field marketing deals, the cut for which is not limited by the NFLPA to only three percent of earnings.
    And it has proven to be a lucrative assignment, given that Bush has been popping up just about everywhere via deals with Diet Pepsi and Subway and adidas, which recently got its name added to the list of approved NFL shoe suppliers so that the guy some in New Orleans are calling "Jesus in Cleats" could officially be "Jesus in adidas."
    (That actually has a nice ring to it.)

    The report's details are of the dollars-and-cents variety, suggesting that Robinson and Cole tracked down receipts and other evidence proof to support the notion that money and benefits made their way to Bush and his family at a time when he was supposedly an "amateur."

    The case against the Bushes includes evidence that an employee of one of the two candidates for the marketing gig, Mike Ornstein, used a credit card to pay for airfare and a limo for Bush's mother, stepfather, and younger brother to attend the USC-California game in Berkeley last season.
    Ornstein claims that the Bushes "paid for everything," but he acknowledges the possibility that charges might have been paid via his employee's credit card.
    Still, Ornstein "guarantee[d]" that there is documentation and cash receipts.

    And if they don't already exist, our guess is that they soon will.

    But even if the money was paid back after the fact (or is paid back now), such short-term loans conflict with applicable NCAA by-laws.

    Besides, there's plenty of additional evidence to support a conclusion that NCAA rules were violated by Bush and his family.
    A New Jersey memorabilia dealer, for example, claims that he once loaned Ornstein $500 because it was "pay day" for Bush's family, and Ornstein was a little short.

    Ornstein emphatically denied the allegation, swearing on his son's, his mother's, and his brother's life.
    "Let them all die tomorrow if I'm telling a lie," he said.

    Then again, given that (as Yahoo! confirms) Ornstein pleaded guilty in 1995 to attempting to defraud the NFL while working as the director of club marketing for NFL Properties, his overall credibility isn't all it could be.
    Since Ornstein ultimately secured the right to represent Bush for marketing purposes, he has a natural self-interest in protecting the golden-shoed goose.

    Despite the evidence that Robinson and Cole have gathered, the question of whether Bush will retroactively lose his eligibility for the 2005 season and/or his Heisman trophy depends upon an investigation that the NCAA is conducting.
    Because New Era Sports and Entertaiment -- the "other" candidate for the marketing gig -- has threatened suit against Bush and his family, the Bushes have refused to be interviewed.
    The current status of the NCAA investigation is generally unknown.

    To date, New Era has not filed suit to recover the money it allegedly paid to the Bushes and otherwise spent in reliance upon a promise that New Era would secure the job of handling Reggie's marketing might.
    There were reports and suggestions over the summer that Bush lawyer David Cornwell pulled strings to get the FBI involved in the case, possibly to scare off the principals of New Era, one of whom already is in prison.

    And from Reggie's perspective, the only possible source of jeopardy as to his NFL career is the FBI and/or the IRS, which might become very interested in exploring whether any payments or benefits received by Bush and/or his family constitute income and, if so, whether taxes were paid.

    In Bush's case, the same high profile that has enabled him to generate $50 million in endorsement deals could prompt the powers-that-be to use him as an example to the rest of us that the tax laws aren't optional.

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