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    Re: Redskins suddenly look weak

    "V-Unit" wrote:
    Losing a starting LB, WR, and S, we suddenly look weak as well. To say the Redskins have lost key players while ignoring the key players we have lost is stupid.

    If you pair that with the fact that our O-Line still needs to show improvement, and that we our on the road against a playoff team with 9 new starters playing together for the first time when it counts, and the odds are definetly stacked against. We certainly CAN beat them, and I think it will be a close game, but if we lose I won't be as disappointed as I was against the Bucs last year.
    Yeah that Buc loss was a huge disappointment. Obviously we CAN win this game. And we did not lose a starting S and LB ... Tank was gonna be behind Smith more than likely and Greenway would not have started right away I dont think ... but we did lose ALOT of depth, that said ... if they lose Portis it is as big as all of our injuries combined.
    I have a good feeling about this Redskins game for some reason. I think we may get off on the right foot under Childress.

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    Re: Redskins suddenly look weak

    I always thought that the Skin's were overrated. They have an old injury probe QB, undersized WR's & RB with a dislocated shoulder. I like Sean Taylor on D, but other than that, the players are over hyped & overpaid.

    Andre Carter ~ Underachiever
    Adam Archuleta ~ Can hit, cannot cover
    Randel-El ~ Not a # 1 or 2 WR, decent #3
    Brandon Lloyd ~ Flashes of brilliance, underachiever

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