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    Re: redskins release de jason taylor

    "ItalianStallion" wrote:
    He's old and does not have the desire to be the best he can at football anymore.
    I think playing for a line that is as dominating as our has the potential to be would be enough to motivate him.
    While he wouldnt be a long term solution, he could be a nice addition for a year or two.
    For the right price, I'd def. give him a look.
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    Jason Taylor?'Skins-cut-Taylor-over-offseason-workout-clause

    Just released from Washington. Would make Dline more ferocious than the Gathering of the Juggalos. Not the biggest need, but... we might be able to get him for cheap.

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    Re: Jason Taylor?

    What is a juggalo?
    Why/when/where do they gather?
    What makes it ferocious?

    I'm not interested in Taylor, he did close to nothing in Washington, and was due a huge salary.

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    Re: Jason Taylor?

    I don't think we need him. If we do get him I want it to be after we go after some other free agents we could use more.
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