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Earlier this year while interviewing Cowboys receiver Keyshawn Johnson, Irvin was called out by Keyshawn for declaring him a "possession receiver." Johnson was angry because he thought being labeled as such by a potential Hall of Famer would adversely affect his wallet come contract time.

Johnson angrily reminded Irvin that, "You never led the league in anything!" He went on to say that if he had Emmitt Smith and Troy Aikman as teammates he would have far exceeded Irvin's career numbers. Irvin scoffed at this notion, but let's take a closer look, because we all know the numbers don't lie.

Career receptions: Irvin 750, Johnson 726
Career yards: Irvin 11,904, Johnson 9,499
Career touchdowns: Irvin 65, Johnson 60
RUNNING THEIR MOUTHS OFF: Irvin 1042, Johnson 1041

Kind of makes you wonder how much better Keyshawn's numbers would be if his career quarterback carousel didn't include Neil O'Donnell, Ray Lucas and Browning Nagle.
Johnson has played for 10 years, how many did Irvin play for? Anyone off the top of your heads?
12 years

BTW, this website will answer most of those types of questions: