In East Texas, reports indicate that a female bit into a razor in her Walmart ice cream. Granger claims that her Peanut Butter Stars cup "tasted funny" when she first started consuming it. Stephanie Granger has said that she won't be suing the multinational corporation. Instead, she just hopes that they review safety procedures in their plants. Article source - <a title="Woman who found razor blade in ice cream will not sue" href="">Woman bites into razor in Walmart ice cream, but won't sue</a> by MoneyBlogNewz.

<p><strong>Eating ice cream from Walmart just to find a razor in it</strong></p>

In TX, Granger wanted a snack for her movie. Great Value brand ice cream was what she chose. The inside of her lip got cut on a spoonful of ice cream though. A broken razor was discovered in the ice cream by Granger. Walmart consumer service was contacted where she was told, "I'm sorry, I hope your day gets better." Granger contacted the local media outlets, saying that she believes that the razor is "nobody's fault" and just wants Walmart to review its safety procedures. Walmart won’t be facing a lawsuit. Granger is not preparing on it anyway.

<p><strong>How Great Value ice cream is created</strong></p>

It isn’t really true that a female bit into a razor in “Walmart ice cream” as many have reported. Walmart does not directly manufacture the Great Value brand even though it's the Walmart house brand. Goods are contracted out by Walmart and are then given the Great Value label on it. The company that the ice cream comes from will be contacted by Walmart so the problem could be discussed though. Walmart spokespeople have indicated that they're "opening a full investigation.".

<p><strong>Finding things in food</strong></p>

Ever since manufactured food has existed, unfamiliar objects have been found in it. All of the grievances of foreign objects in food are addressed by both the United States Department of Agriculture and Food and Drug Administration. About one-third of reports of an unfamiliar object in food involve glass or other sharp items. Anyone who finds items in their food is encouraged to report the discovering to their local health department and the food manufacturer.