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Come on... Aron Rodgers? Are you F*ing kidding me... and not name TJ next to Smith...

The dude has had 3 games he has played in! And he got hurt in 2 of them! He will be decent until they get film on him.
Amen. And once they get enough film on him by game 6 or halfway into the season.... I'll be glad i'm a vikings fan.

i still remember aaron rodger's first game (or one of his first) against the ravens. it was a thing of beauty. it was after his first two plays and first two fumbles that i knew the packers had a real winner.

TJ has a lot to prove. And his performance essentially dictates whether Childress will have a job after this season.
Yeah, if T-jack doesn't get it done by week 4 look for Gus. If we don't to the Playoffs, Bye Bye childress.