I don't think this article is as terrible as people are making out.
Sure, it's absolutely meaningless, but it's not that far off.
Just one of many such ranking articles, none of them absolutely correct.
And I don't think 15 should be offensive to Vikings fans at this point.
Lets face it, our line was bad last year.
I'm not sold on the right side of our line, I think McKinnie is overrated, and I don't think Birk is dominant.
So middle of the pack is about right.
Hopefully at the end of the season I'll think differently, since you don't play games on paper.

That being said, there are some funny things here.
My favorite is:
30. Oakland . . . Barry Sims (T) RT Robert Gallery, No. 2 overall pick in ’04, could be a huge bust.
Gallery could be a bust?
You don't know, after three years of watching the guy get mauled, that he's a bust?
Have you even read about a Raiders game?
Maybe Gallery pans out to an average guard if the new coaching staff makes it work, but for a guy that was taken #2 overall that's a bust.
Oh, and Fitzgerald, Rivers, and Sean Taylor came off the board right after him.
Been wondering why the Raiders have been terrible the past few years despite having a good defense, Lamont Jordan, Moss, and Porter?
(okay, Aaron Brooks is terrible, too)

Also kind of funny that Kendall is the best O-lineman on the Jets.
That's just bad timing, since his article was published the day Kendall was traded.