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    Ranking all 32 NFL head coaches

    Sideline to sideline: Whos the best NFL coach?

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    Re: Ranking all 32 NFL head coaches

    Chilly rated at #14? wow there's a stretch

    best comment in the article:

    QB Matt Leinart: Just looking back at my rookie year, what we were as a team until now its night and day. Thats due a lot to his philosophy and the attitude and discipline hes brought to us. Hes been extremely hard on me, but I think its helped me to be mentally tougher and I think all that will pay off for both of us.

    Yep payed off for him when he dumped your sorry arse with the roster cuts Matt.. :woohoo:
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    Re: Ranking all 32 NFL head coaches

    I'm pretty cool with the rankings EXCEPT for the position of Rex Ryan. The guy has only ONE season under his belt and got lucky in the playoffs and that makes him a great coach?

    He took a 2008 9-7 team that didn't make the playoffs to a 9-7 team that squeeked into the playoffs. Then his rookie QB started to look good and they got LUCKY to make it that far.
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