I thought this was a pretty interesting article on the Rams "sell-outs" of the Jones Dome.

I, for one, had never heard of the 17,000 tickets to be given away that don't count thing.


What constitutes a sellout in the NFL varies from team to team, based mainly on stadium capacity and seating arrangements. That's how the 57,211 number for the Rams is derived. Here's how it works:

— Capacity at the dome is 67,256.

— "Premium seats" — club seats and suites — don't count in the sellout equation. The Rams have 6,773 club seats and 2,746 suite seats, a total of 9,519.

— Home teams must provide 526 tickets to the visiting club. Often some of those are returned, but they do not have to be sold as part of the sellout requirements.

— So, subtract 9,519 and 526 from 67,256 and you arrive at 57,211 — the minimum number of tickets that must be sold to reach sellout status.

But that number can be even lower.

Each NFL team is permitted to give away 17,000 tickets over the course of the season and count them toward sellouts.

This week, the Rams dipped into that 17,000 reserve for the first time this season as the team donated tickets to the military as part of the team's annual "Salute to Veterans" promotion. The team also bought an additional 1,400 tickets to donate, a Rams source said.