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    Rams release Drew Bennett and Trent Green

    [size=14pt]Rams release WR Bennett, backup QB Green[/size]
    Associated Press

    The St. Louis Rams have released wide receiver Drew Bennett and backup quarterback Trent Green, the team confirmed Wednesday.

    Link to article:

    My opinion:
    I think Trent Green was a good quarterback, but he hasn't had a good year in at least 3 years. He is 38 years old and thruth to be told. I'd much rather have Garcia at quarterback than Green.
    Drew Bennett is a decent wide receiver (or at least was), but he has not put up big numbers in the last couple of years. He is getting a little old (30 years old), but probably still has a few years left in him. He has not had the chance to put up the big numbers cause he has never been the number 1 receiver on any team, but in 2004 he had 80 receptions for 1,247 yards with an 15.6 average and 11 TDs. During the same year, he tied an NFL record by scoring eight touchdowns in a three-game span.

    Bottom line, Green should have retired for 3 years ago!
    I'm not very big on Drew Bennet, but I think he's better than Bobby Wade. Bennett definitely got the size advantage. Drew Bennett is 6-5 and Bobby Wade is 5-10.

    PS: Maybe Drew Bennett could serve as a backup quarterback since he played quarterback in college and high school

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    Re: Rams release Drew Bennett and Trent Green

    I like the idea of signing Bennett. At 6-5 he is a nice redzone target, and he should be available for a decent price since he isn't really a high profile guy. Should also bring some veteran presence to a still pretty young group of WR's. So I'm not saying this guy is gonna be an impact player for us (or anyone) but he could fit in nicely at the right price in my opinion.

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    Re: Rams release Drew Bennett and Trent Green

    He's too injury prone!

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