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Thread: R. Bush run.

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    Prophet Guest

    R. Bush run.

    This dude is insanely quick.

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    Re: R. Bush run.

    "Run Bush Run"
    - Jenny

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    Re: R. Bush run.

    Wow, that's blazing. I may have to eat my words, thinking he was a bust...
    Trying to bring rationale to an irrational site

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    Re: R. Bush run.

    that was insane!
    It looked like he was going to get stuffed on 3 different occasions.

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    Re: R. Bush run.

    Just think what he's going to be like when he's had a few more weeks of conditioning in camp and becomes familiar with that offence..

    I can see him getting 300+ touches this year, especially if the passing game falters early on.

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    Re: R. Bush run.

    Yea, but he's no Mario Williams

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    Re: R. Bush run.

    I watched that game on NFL Network Saturday night, as they showed alot of it.
    He just looks 3 steps faster than anyone else on the field ........

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    Re: R. Bush run.

    The Texans are going to regret their decision I think!

    Trust me, I'm a doctor.

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    Re: R. Bush run.


    He is so fast, I can understand why they are going to use sometimes at WR!

    The only problem I see is that 2 years from now he will be holding out for more money and will set a record for the biggest contract in NFL history, or he will demand to be traded.
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Prophet Guest

    Re: R. Bush run.

    Saints | Bush fined for uniform violation
    Mon, 14 Aug 2006 19:01:19 -0700

    Chris Talbott, of the Associated Press, reports New Orleans Saints RB Reggie Bush was fined an undisclosed amount for wearing gold cleats during the team's preseason game Saturday, Aug. 12. NFL rules require players to wear identical uniforms. When asked how much he was fined, Bush said, "I don't know. Adidas took care of it."

    ================================================== ============

    POSTED 2:53 p.m. EDT; UPDATED 3:04 p.m. EDT, August 15, 2006


    The AP reports that Saints running back Reggie Bush has been fined for wearing unauthorized cleats in his pro debut on Saturday night against the Titans.
    The AP suggests that the fine is likely to be $10,000, and based on our assessment of the NFL's 2006 schedule of fines the AP is correct.

    But the bigger story here, in our view, is Bush's nonchalant response to the news.

    "Adidas took care of it," Bush said Monday.

    The only problem?
    Adidas isn't allowed to take care of it.

    We asked NFL spokesman Greg Aiello whether it would be permissible for a sponsor to pay the fine, and Aiello's response was unequivocal:
    "No, it is not permissible."

    Though most folks might regard this is a minor issue, it's got the potential to be a big deal, if Bush continues to defy NFL uniform policies.
    For the next offense, Bush will be hit with a $20,000 fine.
    Beyond that, Bush risks "higher fines, suspension and banishment."

    Also, the Saints and/or the coaching staff can be fined for condoning or permitting repeated violations.

    The bottom line here is that Reggie Bush can't dictate to the NFL the shoes that he'll wear merely by lining up adidas to write a weekly check.
    This isn't the same thing as trashing a hotel room and then paying for the damage; official NFL sponsors pay good money for the right to exhibit their products on the feet and bodies of NFL players.
    These companies lose the benefit of their investment if one of the highest-profile guys in the league decides that he's going to be different.

    And from the perspective of adidas, writing a weekly check is a no-brainer.
    It's a helluvalot cheaper than securing the sponsorship rights, and the company gets plenty of exposure for its investment.

    Our guess?
    Reggie will be told in no uncertain terms that he has to comply with the uniform policies and that, if he doesn't, he eventually will be suspended.

    And we think that the NFL needs to do it right now.
    Otherwise, adidas will continue to get plenty of free advertising and, more importantly, the companies that have paid millions for the right to outfit the players will see their investment continue to be undermined.

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