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    Quick Question...

    ...when is the NFL schedules with dates made public?
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    Re: Quick Question...

    Sorry I don't have the answer but I'm glad you asked that question because I've been wondering also. I heard that the Vikings will be playing the Bucs this year and I'm anxious to find out when the dates are.
    My parents have retired and are living in Clearwater now, so we plan to make that game.

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    Re: Quick Question...

    I believe the schedule is supposed to be released the first week of April, on the Thursday after the owner's meetings.
    It might have been delayed by a few weeks last year because they were still working on it, and that could always happen again.
    They do the whole thing by hand, not using a computer or anything, so it takes some time.
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    Re: Quick Question...

    According to Wikipedia, we will be playing the AFC South and NFC South this season, but like Overlord said, the schedule is not yet out.
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    Re: Quick Question...

    OL has it right, last year it was ~mid April
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