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    Question, Purple on the rise banter?

    I have heard alot around here of the Vikes on the rise and the Packers on the decline, how do you guys feel about that after today? Honestly just want some honost opinions. What the hell happened to AP?

    Vikes 14
    Cowgirls 24

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    Re: Question, Purple on the rise banter?

    I honesty do not see us on the rise and the fackers on the decline. Heck we are still trying to figure things out. As for AP, I do not know. I did not watch the game yesterday. But I am guessing that since Dallas is pretty good on defense, they may have stacked the line or brought up an extra LB/Db type player that can stop the run.

    With this whole, Vikings on the rise talk, to me it is still too early for that. When we put up several consist games..and win, then I could see an "on the rise" movement, but right now...nope.

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