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Thread: Question?

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    Re: Question?

    "Zeus" wrote:
    "V4L" wrote:
    "Prophet" wrote:
    "Zeus" wrote:
    "Prophet" wrote:
    Well, let's see.
    You can finish your degree, risk injury, and get a drone job or you can make millions playing a game and pick up your degree later.
    I would go with playing a game for millions of dollars, that only comes up once and you can always go back to school and finish the degree.
    Who makes millions?
    The top-10 guys?

    What about the guy who leaves early, is drafted in the 4th round, signs for the rookie minimum and then is cut, never to be heard from again in the NFL.
    He's fucked.

    As Mars said - every situation is unique.
    But, my personal feeling is, the vast majority of guys who leave early do NOT pan out and they would be better served by having a college degree - assuming they actually study to get it.
    It's really not that difficult to go back to school, you just do it.
    He's not fucked if he gets cut, he goes back to school.
    Of course everyone's situation is unique, if someone thinks they're a superhero and they are not maybe that is just the reality check they need so they can go back to school and get a degree in something that is actually marketable.

    Being cut is not the end of the world, they would be accepted back to school easily and would just continue their degree

    Or if football is still in their blood.. CFL.. Still would pay more then most families make in a year
    I call bullshit on the "they would be accepted back to school easily" remark.

    The reality is that these "student"-athletes are athletes first, students second.
    And to just assume that the school would accept them back once their use as an athelete is no longer there is a tad naive.

    I think you have a good point there. There is no guarantee that a student athlete would be accepted back to a school if the NFL doesn't pan out.

    Then again IMO it comes down to the student and how much of a chance they had to succeed in school in the first place.

    I believe it is pretty much universally accepted that there are athletes who get scholarships to colleges that would never get admitted for their academic abilities. They may get through college with tutors and taking basic general ed classes but realistically these students are really not going to go out and get any better jobs after graduation with what they learn. These students really gain nothing by staying in college so to go to a pro team and make a good salary may be the best decision for them.

    That is just one example of possibly a small percentage of athletes who become college students but it certainly isn't unheard of.

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    Re: Question?

    "Big" wrote:
    lets face it, If you are projected as a top ten or even first round pick, chances are you are not at school to get a degree anyway!
    That is my point exactly. You are only going to college as a stepping stone to your ultimate job which is the NFL.

    Sure you can bring in the whole arguement about, "Well what if he got injured" kindof spin but really, we could what if this to death.

    In the long run, those cats that go early are set for life in most cases and couldn't give a crap about some sort of degree in communcations, physical Ed or whatever bogus program they are taking classes for.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: Question?

    Sorry, trying not to condemn the post...

    I want to feature some of your comments in this article....

    Do you think a college education (degree) for that matter should be earned before entering the drafts, pro's etc?

    Let's just say the NCAA and NFL, NBA etc changed their rule to this would you agree?

    I am picking only four posts...make your best case...

    I might sound like I am beating a horse, but I would like to know four good reason's two on both sides of the ball?

    Also, should using college as a stepping stone to the pro's be against educational law?

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