Mark_The_Viking wrote:
I guess a lot will depend on Favres decision but if he says no then I don't think we can pass up the opportunity to get a qb.

There is nothing in FA this year especially for us as we were in the last 8 and those that may be there just aren't any improvement on what we have. TJacks time is running out and a year under BF has not done him any good at all judging from my limited viewing in the latter part of the season, I think he will be a perennial backup. We need a starting QB as soon as we can get one and I hope we can get a guy in the draft. I don't think it will be Tebow
Why is TJack's time running out? He's in his mid-20s... he's got a good 15 years (by Favre's standards) left in him... QB is a position often played well into a guy's 30s. His opportunities may be running out, but not his time.

I agree with Oakland... IMO the most important things are #1 accuracy #2 moving the defense and then it goes into a jumble of keeping the play alive, "leadership", physical size, and arm strength. I'd hate to see us draft another player because he's physically gifted. You can teach a good player, a smart player to play around his short comings... you can't teach a rocket armed rock to be anything other than a rock. JaMarcus Russel would do his team more good kneeling in as an extra bench seat then he does throwing the ball 80 yards, blindfolded, with both arms tied behind his back...