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    The PurplePride Top 10: Wide Receivers

    I meant to keep these threads going a little more consistently, but of course, the snow has held me back.

    Quarterbacks thread:

    Running backs thread:

    This one is probably one of the toughest ones to do. Exactly how do you judge? Do you give a guy credit for doing well with bad QBs? Do you count against a guy for injury last season? Do you just rank the top 10 you would take in a draft? It is up to you! Here is my list:

    10. - Vincent Jackson - An absolutely huge breakout season this year, this guy could move even higher on this list next season. His combination of size and speed is very tough to defend and gives Rivers won of the best hybrid (can go deep or short) targets in the game.

    9. - Roddy White - Quietly has become an absolute beast in this league. He is a first down machine and makes big plays at big times. Has three straight seasons of 1,150+ yards and found the end zone 11 times this year.

    8. - Wes Welker - The most difficult guy to rank because you could argue as high as No. 3 all the way to out of the top 20. This guy is simply a first down machine though and without missing basically three games to injuries would have made a run at the single-season receptions record.

    7. - Sidney Rice - Absolutely broke out this season as he showed an incredible ability to go up and get it, and also was able to dominate single coverage most of the season. Next season could be interesting if Favre decides to hang them up.

    6. - Miles Austin - Another player who just had a MONSTER breakout year. This guy is clearly Romo's top target and will continue to be a top priority for defenses next year.

    5. - Brandon Marshall - This guy was very tough to rate. I almost have him off the list, but the simple fact is, he is ultra-consistent. He makes catches all the time, gets open and catches in traffic. He is a little bit of a diva obviously, but that does not detract from the raw numbers he is always putting up.

    4. - Reggie Wayne - Like everyone in Indy, he quietly produces at a ridiculously high level. He has put up six-straight 1,050+ yard seasons and has averaged nine TDs a season over that span.

    3. - Randy Moss - When he is involved and making plays, there is simply nobody in the league that is more difficult to cover. He has great hands and still has top flight speed. He has 10 1,000-yard seasons and has eclipsed 10 touchdowns nine times.

    2. - Larry Fitzgerald - Always seems to make a big play at the right time. Quite possibly the best hands and best body control in the game. Had a ridiculous postseason during the Cards' Super Bowl run in 2008. Has three 1,400+ yard seasons and has scored 10 or more TDs 4 times as well.

    1. - Andre Johnson - Simple really. He has put up 1,500 yards receiving TWO seasons in a row. Absolutely a beast and the top of the league right now.

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    Re: The PurplePride Top 10: Wide Receivers

    1. Andre Johnson
    2. Larry Fitzgerald
    3. A healthy Calvin Johnson
    4. A happy Brandon Marshall
    5. A happy Randy Moss
    6. Reggie Wayne
    7. Sidney Rice
    8. Wes Welker
    9. Miles Austin
    10. Vincent Jackson

    Honorables: Roddy White, DeSean Jackson, Steve Smith (Car), and Ochocinco
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    Re:The PurplePride Top 10: Wide Receivers

    Receivers, just like cornerbacks, seem to change who is the best every season, so I will mainly judge on what you have done for me lately and what I think a player will be like next year. Some of the past and numbers have to play a role as well.

    1. Andre Johnson. That was easy. No question he is the best. Do not even try to convince me otherwise.

    From here, I had to make a short list which I broke down into some categories:
    - Clear cut #1: Wayne, Fitzgerald, OchoCinco, Marshall, Randy Moss
    - 2nd tier of clear cut #1s: Jackson, White, Steve Smith (panthers), Colston, Boldin
    - Welker: Welker (yes he got his own category)
    - Up and comers: Miles, Rice, Holmes, Steve Smith (giants), Jennings, C Johnson, Bowe, Crabtree
    - Old man river: Mason, Ward, TO, Driver

    2. Larry Fitzgerald. To avoid some reticule, I will put him here.
    3. Reggie Wayne. Sure he has the best QB in the league throwing him the ball, but he still has to get open and catch it. I think he is fantastic.
    4. Brandon Marshall. Seriously amazing. Could easily move into the #2 spot if he puts up another great year, especially with a crap QB like Orton.
    5. Vincent Jackson. Size. Speed. Hands. Unstoppable really. Also, would love to have him on my team.
    6. Chad OchoCinco. Besides the comedy, he just gets open and scores. In all of his 16 games seasons, has over 1000 yards.
    7. Wes Welker. Catch a two yard screen pass, run for 6, and repeat until a touchdown is achieved.
    8. Greg Jennings. He might be a packer, but no doubt he is great. Numbers gone up every year (expect touchdowns this year) and should continue to impress.
    9. Calvin Johnson. By the numbers, he really has only one good season. This guy could easily be in the top 5 on a better team with a better QB, but there is no denying his talent.
    10. Randy Moss. The numbers are sick, but he down here because he looked horrible late in the season and in his offence, Welker moves the chains, and Moss gets the touchdown.

    I would love to put Derrick Mason on the list, but decided against it. Three 1000 yard seasons in a row on a terrible passing team. Smith (nyg), Rice and Miles have not done it for enough seasons to make my list. The other young guy to consider is Holmes who is fantastic.
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    Re:The PurplePride Top 10: Wide Receivers

    Where did the edit button go?

    Anyways, I totally forgot about DeSeasn Jackson. Stick him in the same category as Smith, Rice, and Miles.
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    Re:The PurplePride Top 10: Wide Receivers

    I don't think Wes Welker is a top 10 WR without Randy Moss pulling coverage away from him. I'd say without Brady, but he was successful with Cassell as well. He's an excellent slot receiver, but I don't think he belongs in the top 10 WR discussion. He was in the league 4-5 years before joining the Patriots, coincidence that he gets good when he arrives in New England? I think not.

    1) Andre Johnson takes it - he's got the speed, strength, hands, focus, he's the total package. He doesn't have elite speed or size, but he's fast enough to beat just about anyone, and can out muscle DBs to get the toss up.
    2) Randy Moss - I know I'll be called a crotch-sniffer, I'm used to it. But he's still playing at a very, very high level. 13 TDs and 1200+ yards playing with a separated shoulder for 3/4 of the season. He's still the most talented player in the NFL. He's staying out of trouble, but his age is starting to catch up with him. Some guys do grow up, it's a shame it took Randy so long.
    3) Larry Fitzgerald - His playoff performance from last year keeps him this high. Otherwise I might have dropped him off a little bit for having a down season.
    4) Reggie Wayne - Having Peyton Manning throw you the ball your whole career can't hurt. This guy is an excellent receiver, who deserves a high spot, but I can't help but think I'd put him lower without Peyton, he just doesn't have the same kind of physical tools as the rest of the guys on this list.
    5) Brandon Marshall - a good showing from him this season, I think he bought into what McDaniels was saying eventually. He's a huge receiver, with great ball skills, runs well after the catch, and he's got pretty good speed.
    6) Calvin Johnson - I cannot imagine how good this kid could be on a mediocre team.
    7) Greg Jennings - this guy can flat out play. He's really a lot better than I like to give him credit for since he's a Packer, but he absolutely deserves to be on this list. I actually think he could be higher. Speed, route running, great hands, he just knows how to get open. The guy's excellent.
    8) Ochocinco - He's still a good player, runs good routes, makes tough catches, takes hits, and will run the defense ragged whether it's with his mouth or his feet... they're both non-stop.
    9) Steve Smith(Carolina) - Small, but quick as anyone, tenacious, powerful, his hands could be a lot better, and so could his QB, but it's not enough to keep him off of here. The way he dominated a handful of seasons back, gashing the bears in the playoffs keeps him elevated. He's a dick, and gets hurt a lot, but he's good. Top 10 material.
    10) Santonio Holmes - Great speed, runs sharp routes, has good hands, isn't too big or physical, but he gets off coverage and makes the big catch. IMO he keeps the Steelers offense going. Stretches the field.

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    Re:The PurplePride Top 10: Wide Receivers

    1. Andre Johnson

    The kid has been underrated for quite a while, but now that he actually has a QB, he's tearing it up. He has the deep speed, the quick cut, runs great routes, is fearless and is build very strongly for a WR at 6'3, 225-230.

    2. Larry Fitzgerald

    Maybe he wasn't as dominant as last year, but he's still really, really scary. Outjumps everyone, gets open deep, even while not having elite speed. The numbers speak for themselfs. And he's only 26.

    3. Randy Moss

    Am I glad that he left Minnesota.... The guy is 32 and is still racking up 1200 yard season, still outrunning DBs and still catching some amazing passes. I'm talking about a happy Moss, though. An unhappy one could just drop out of this list entirely.

    4. Reggie Wayne

    I have to wonder how good Wayne really is and how much better Peyton makes him look. It might be the system in Indianapolis, as well, but Manning helps these guys out so well. That said, you don't just compile 1500 yard season. Or 5 consecutive 1050+ yard seasons for that matter. He gets open on deep routes, gets open on slants and has some brains.

    5. Calvin Johnson

    If the Lions didn't have this guy, Stafford would've ended with 5 TDs and 35 interceptions. He goes up for the ball with the best of them. Just try to find a real weakness on him. There are none.

    6. Brandon Marshall

    Going over a 100 catches for 3 consecutive years is impressive. And he's not doing it as a Wes Welker, but as a legitimate nr. 1 receiver. If he didn't have his head so far up in his behind, he might be even higher on this list.

    7. Panthers' Steve Smith

    He is still one of the best in the league, even while his statistics don't resemble that this year. He is the only weapon in the passing game, constantly gets double covered, has a QB who throws 5 ints per TD and still gets the job done on a consistent basis. He's not only a burner, but just great once he gets the ball in his hands, as well.

    8. Roddy White

    He's the reason that Ryan has looked as good as he has. Both in his rookie season and this year. Together with Gonzalez, he makes for a deadly pass receiving threat. He's not that tall, but has everything else you look for.

    9. Greg Jennings

    I always thought that I was quite biased when I put him in my top 10. He has everything, though. The physical skills, the mindset, the smarts, he's the complete package. The only downside is that he's just 5'11. He'll be a weapon for years to come, though.

    10. Sidney Rice

    If he keeps going at this speed, he'll shoot up these rankings. I just want to see whether he's an Antonio Freeman or a legitimate Fitzgerald Jr.

    Wes Welker

    He didn't make my list because I don't see him as a complete receiver. He's absolutely amazing at what he does and I think that there's not a team in the league that wouldn't like to have him, but I just don't like him high on WR rankings.

    Donald Driver

    I don't know how people look at him here, but I have a pretty hard time deciding who to put first, Driver or Jennings. Driver might be my nr. 11. Even nr. 9 if it wasn't for Jennings. He has had 6 consecutive 1000+ yard season by now, runs deep, makes 1-h catches left and right, runs over the middle, gets the crap hit out of him by a LB over the middle, only to go over the middle again and make some moves to take the ball 10 yards for a first down.

    Hines Ward my behind, Driver is the fearless guy here. He just doesn't break jaws on interception returns.
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    Re:The PurplePride Top 10: Wide Receivers

    1. Andre Johnson - nothing to say that hasn't been said alread
    2. Larry Fitzgerald - Guy's an animal. Can make any catch, think Sidney Rice with a bit of speed.
    3. Randy Moss - Guy is STILL an elite receiver at 32 years old. Shame he had his few down years, he could go down as one of the best ever.
    4. Calvin Johnson - I like this guy, but he's a lion. Stick him on a better team and he'll be leading th eleague in receiving in no time.
    5. Brandon Marshall - Guys a freak. Big tall physical receiver, can make all the catches, on the broncos no less.
    6. Reggie Wayne. With the emergence of Collie and Garcon, Wayne will be taking a lesser role. He'll still put up great numbers, but he's not a go-to guy.
    7. Vincent Jackson - Just like Marshall. Big tall physical guy, who can go up and get those tough catches
    8. Sidney Rice - Guy broke out under Favre, i'm keeping him down here, as I want to see if its really all him, or Favre putting up those numbers.
    9. Wes Welker - a slot receiver dream. reliable hands, and speed to go with quickness. Is great on screens, slants, outs and punts.
    10. Miles Austin - Had a breakout year, is a great option.

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    Re:The PurplePride Top 10: Wide Receivers

    I like the direction most of the lists have went.

    I had trouble not putting Calvin Johnson on the list, but the simple fact is he is constantly hurt. I think talent wise, it is a no-brainer that he is a top 10 guy, but he has not produced the numbers or stayed healthy enough yet.
    As for the other guy I am seeing that I left off, Greg Jenning ... I just think he tends to be too inconsistent. I would probably rank Driver ahead of him, and both would be somewhere between 15-20 on my list I think.
    The guy clearly getting too little love IMO is Roddy White. He is an absolute stud and has NEVER really had a big time quarterback to throw to him. Ryan is coming around, but is not there yet.

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    Re:The PurplePride Top 10: Wide Receivers

    In my opinion, a top 10 list of best players is a list of players that I personally would want on my team for one season if I want my team to become Super Bowl Champions. Not a player for one game because a player needs to be consistent.

    The numbers are the easiest way to find out weather a player is good or not, but statistics will not give you the honest truth about how good a player is. The player that ranked up the most impressive numbers last season doesn't necessary make the top of the list because the players around him can twist the numbers and make him look better than he really is.

    For example, with Randy Moss, Dante Culpepper was second in the MVP voting. Without Moss, Dante Culpepper is a backup for the Lions. As for receivers, Reggie Wayne is having it handed to him compared to other receivers like Panthers' Steve Smith who gets doubled teamed all the time and has a terrible quarterback throwing to him. Put Steve Smith on the Colts and he will break receiving records if he could have a healthy year. Just take a look at our own team! Sidney Rice' first year with Favre under center and he makes the Pro Bowl.

    Instead, I like to break it down by looking at the players on tape.

    Here's My Top 10 Wide Receivers Before the 2010 Season:

    1. Andre Johnson - Good in every aspect of the receiving position, and that's exactly the thing that makes him #1. I can't think of a single considerably flaw. Of course, there will always be someone who's faster, has better hands, etc, but Andre Johnson is the closest thing to perfect for the moment.

    2. Brandon Marshall - Still being slightly underrated. He reminds me of Andre Johnson in many ways. He looks like a copy of Andre Johnson, except he's young and even slightly bigger. He also has as many 100+ catches seasons as Andre Johnson. Marshall only had to do it in four years while Andre Johnson needed seven season to do the same thing. Marshall also owns the prestigious record for most catches in a game. In addition, Andre Johnson has a better surrounding cast than Marshall. The only thing that's really keeping me from ranking Marshall above Andre Johnson is his mental mishaps of the field.

    3. Larry Fitzgerald - Reminds me of a more physical Sidney Rice. Many of the other players on this list are better than Fitzgerald before the quarterback throws the ball, but no one is better than Fitzgerald when the ball is in the air, except maybe Sidney Rice or Randy Moss.

    4. Randy Moss - I have always loved watching him. He was the best wide receiver in the 90's, and is still in the top 5 a decade later.

    5. Calvin Johnson - The Lions fans love him, and I definitely understand why. Well... to be honest, there isn't anything else on the team to like, but that's irrelevant. Looking at pure receiver skills and physically attributes, Calvin might be the best. He has the size of Vincent Jackson and the speed of Santonio Holmes. Unfortunately, I don't see enough of him to put him higher. Poor guy!

    6.Reggie Wayne - Statistically, Reggie Wayne is excellent. He's a good overall player, but one must remember that he has a certain future Hall of Famer throwing to him. Don't look at it as if I'm degrading him because he's so fortunate to have Peyton, it's not his fault. Like I said, what you see on tape is much more important than numbers, and on tape I see a smart wide receiver with all the good skills.

    7. Steve Smith (the Panthers' version) - Beats Reggie Wayne if you're valuing only physical abilities, but Smith lacks Wayne's durability and stability. The knock on him in the draft was his size, and he certainly hasn't proved the critics wrong. Steve Smith has almost the exact same size (5-9, 185) and badass mentality as Antoine Winfield, and get injured as often.

    This is were it gets a little more cloudy since I have two one-year-wonders and a solid bunch of veterans.

    8. Greg Jennings - Both of the Packers' receivers are great, but Jennings are more my type of player, plus Driver is getting a old, although he's holding up fine. By the way, what's up with the players from Green Bay? Have Donald Driver (35) and Darren Sharper (34) found the fountain of youth or something. Oh yeah, and I think there is some other guy too.

    9. Wes Welker - White boi representin'!!! No seriously, this would not have been an acceptable list without a slot receiver and Welker is the best. Welker does not get enough credit. He is perhaps the most consistent player in the NFL which is a very unappreciated ability.

    This is were it gets a little cloudy since I have two breakout players and a solid bunch of veterans. I concluded that I will go for the veterans since one-year-wonders at the receiver position are very common (Braylon Edwards, Eddie Royal, etc.)

    10. Anquan Boldin - My type of player. I've never seen a receiver play with the kind of intensity as he has. Unfortunately, he's overshadowed by team mate Fitzgerald and has struggled with injuries partly because of his brutal style of play. However, He can make an immediate impact on any team. Boldin won the RotY-award with over 100 catches in his rookie season. That's incredible!

    11. Roddy White - Great player. Took some time to learn the game, but I think the Falcons fans don't mind the waiting

    Ops: I made it eleven cause I forgot to include Wes Welker :lol:

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