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    Re:The PurplePride Top 10: Running Backs

    jmcdon00 wrote:
    Too fucking hard
    Lol ... are going to say this in every one of these threads I post :cheer:

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    Re:The PurplePride Top 10: Running Backs

    Midge Resurrected wrote:
    jmcdon00 wrote:
    Too fucking hard
    Lol ... are going to say this in every one of these threads I post :cheer:
    I don't know, I started doing both of them but after about 5 minutes I give up. The NFL is loaded with phenominal talent.

    I think I could probably do a top ten kickers list.

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    Re:The PurplePride Top 10: Running Backs

    1. Chris Johnson - I'm a firm believer that he'll never approach the 2000 yard mark again, but he is a good back. Once teams figure out how to stop him, I see his production plummeting (still something respectable like 1300 yards or something

    2. Adrian Peterson - tbh, I'm very tempted to drop him to 5. The fumbles HAVE to stop. He's a liability. A fantastic runner, and has gotten much better at receiving, and can block a bit better too. Still has the potential to be one of the best ever, but has to stop coughing the ball up at in-opportune times.

    3. Steven jackson - I think on a good team, he would be one of the best in the league every season. A powerful runner, with speed and ball skills.

    4. Deangelo Williams - make him a feature back and see what he can do. Splitting time hurts him a bit, but I think he can be just as good as these other guys.

    5. Maurice Jones-Dres - Mighty Mouse, a powerful runner, all 5'7" of him. Can return, catch, block and of course run. Again, put him on a better team and he's one of the best.

    6. Michael Turner - Still a very good runner, missed alot of time this season and still finised with great numbers. He's a "what you see is what you get" kinda guy. You know he's gonna run between the tackles, and make people look silly out there. Despite that, he still produces.

    7. Ray Rice - another little guy who is a great runner. Still very young, and makes some mistakes, but has developed into quite a nice back. Is versatile, can run inside and out.

    8. Thomas Jones - I'm still not sure about him. Didn't do a whole lot in Chicago, came to NYJ with Favre and put up great numbers. They lost favre, but improved their OL, and he's still putting up good numbers. Is approaching that 30 mark though, so I don't know how many good years he'll have left in him, but with Shonn Green and Leon washington, they can mix it up to take some reps off Jones.

    9. Ryan Grant - The guys alright. Nothing truly special, but not quite a bum. I think playcalling is holding him back a bit in green bay, but he'll never be a dominant back if thats what they're expecting.

    10. Cedric Benson - One good season makes not a back good. He's shown some things this year, and lets see if he can keep it up, but I'm not sold.

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    Re:The PurplePride Top 10: Running Backs

    Nice list, Midge. I like that you mentioned Grant. He's getting a lot of crap, but he's quite a good back. He doesn't break a big one often, but he's consistently gaining yards.

    This is one of the biggest things I like about him.

    He had 282 carries this season. 0 Fumbles. He fumbled away one on 1 of his 25 receptions. So 1 Fumble on 307 touches.

    He has 855 touches over his career and he has just 6 fumbles on all of those.

    That's without play-offs, but it's very impressive that he can hold on to the ball that well. Especially this year.

    Anyway, this is my list.

    Honorary mentions for Cedric Benson and Jonathan Stewart. Benson runs hard, but not for a lot of yards. Stewart could start on a lot of teams in the league.

    10. Ryan Grant
    He keeps on running hard. He might've had a down season last year, but he's back. Somehow, he keeps on improving as the season and game progress.

    9. Thomas Jones
    He's been horribly underrated for quite some time now. Punishing runner, even if he lacks some explosiveness. He has the best O-line in the NFL to thank, as well, though.

    8. Michael Turner
    He's the reason why Ryan looked as good as he did last season. And why he looks as mediocre as he did this season. He still ran hard when he was healthy.

    7. Ray Rice
    One of the great up and coming all-around RBs. I want to see him hold this up for another year.

    6. Frank Gore
    He's sharing some carries and had a few injury issues since his great 2006 season, but he's still running very strong.

    5. Maurice Jones-Drew
    He has some serious power. He's fully capable of carrying a team that has a pretty weak aerial attack, all by himself. Doesn't have the amazing O-line, either. Great young player.

    4. DeAngelo Williams
    The guy is an absolute beast. That backfield over in Carolina might be the best in the league. Feed him the ball a little more and he'll go over 1800, easily.

    3. Adrian Peterson
    If he can stop fumbling the ball away, he might jump to nr. 1. This is still the same guy that ran over, through and right by Browns defenders left and right.

    2. Steven Jackson
    I'm going to get some crap for this one, but Jackson is absolutely amazing. If he gets on a good team, he'll be able to do some things. Build like a plowing FB, but has quite some speed.

    1. Chris Johnson.
    2000 Yards rushing. Great receiver. Incredible speed, but doesn't go down easily. He's the complete package.
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    Re:The PurplePride Top 10: Running Backs

    Midge Resurrected wrote:
    gregair13 wrote:
    Midge Resurrected wrote:
    And how do you qualify Steven Jackson as at the end of his career? He is only 26? The same age as D. Williams and Frank Gore and younger than Thomas Jones, Cedric Benson, Michael Turner and Ronnie Brown. So, he is not older than 70% of your list.
    I never called him old. All I said was his career is almost over. His production will continue to decrease and will not be even a consideration and the end of the coming year for this list.
    And I am asking you what leads you to believe that? He just had the second best year of his career and is only 26. What leads you to believe his production will go down while the guys you have in front of him will not?

    Not being a jerk or anything ... just wondering.
    You must not apologize for having a differing opinion than mine. That is just stupid.

    Looking at the numbers, Jackson had just a sick 2006. 2300 all-purpose yards with 16 touchdowns. Wow. This year was his second most productive season, yards wise, on a terrible team.
    I think the only reason Benson made my list over Jackson because Benson was so much more fun to watch this year and he finally had his coming out party. Should I probably put Jackson in my top 10, yes. Am I going to, no because I don't like him.
    We're bringing purple back.

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