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    Purplepat's Picks of the Week - Week 2

    Bad start to the season, to be followed by a bad week this week.

    Season recap:

    Week 1: Five team teaser parlay, lost four games outright - Lost $10

    My play this week:

    This is sure to lose, as I have a 9 team, 6 pt. teaser parlay. Almost any parlay with 9 teams/picks is bound to lose one. Also, after I did a little research, I'm feeling shakier about a few of my picks. So read what I did for entertainment value only, and laugh when I lose my $10 this week.

    $10 to win $210

    Eagles -7 vs Niners
    Chargers +9 at Broncos
    Colts -3 vs Jaguars
    Panthers +9 vs Patriots
    Rams +7 @ Cardinals
    Cowboys +0 vs Redskins
    Vikings +9 @ Bengals
    Browns @ Packers over 34 pts.
    Vikings @ Bengals over 41.5 pts.

    The Cowboys winning at home seems like a lock; they have won 14 of the last 15 outright vs. the Skins.

    Rams have won 5 of last 6 vs the Cardinals, but the loss was a 31-7 blowout in AZ last season. Unfortunately, that's about where my research (done after I placed the bet) supports my picks.

    I had thought the Chargers usually played the Broncos tough, but the facts show that the Broncos often blow out the Chargers. Even last season, the Broncos won big over SD in Denver (though early in the season). However, with the Chargers performance of last year and the Broncos weak performance in week 1, +9 to the Bolts looks good to me.

    The Colts have won 4 of the last 6 vs. the Jags, but one Jags win did come at the RCA Dome, and only one of the four losses was by as much as 10 pts. With the Jags a 9 pt. underdog and a winner last week, it probably would have been smarter to give them the 6 points and make them +15.

    The Vikings have a lifetime 1-4 record at Cincinnati, with two of those losses being shutouts (in 1973 and 1980). The other two losses were only by 3 and 4 points though, and four of the last five meetings have produced at least 44 points. With the offensive firepower of both teams, combined with somewhat questionable defenses, I think this game will see at least 44 points scored as well.

    The 49ers were a huge upset at home over the Rams, while the Eagles came up short against the Falcons on the road. Maybe the 49ers are better than advertised, but my guess is that at 0-1 in the NFC and coming to Philly for the home opener, the Eagles will roll.

    The Patriots looked like their usual selves in beating the Raiders by 10 to start week 1. The Panthers lost at home by a FG to the Saints. Nevertheless, I expect the defenses of both teams (despite the loss of DT Kris Jenkins) will keep the game fairly low scoring and close. Giving the Panthers +9 sounds good.

    Maybe some will think I'm crazy for picking the over 34 in a game featuring two teams who only totaled 16 points in week 1. Here, I'm thinking the Packers offense isn't as bad (even without Javon Walker) as they looked in week one, nor is their defense that stout. The Browns threw for about 275 yards against the Bengals, and normally are a good running team. I'm actually thinking that with both defenses suspect, this could be a rather high scoring game....certainly in the 40s.

    Again, I'm bound to goof something up picking 9 things that have to go my way to win. I may place a $5 "cover my butt" bet picking the Cowboys to win by 3 and the Bengals to cover the 3 pt. spread. Unless the Redskins can upset the Cowboys, losing this bet likely means the Vikings beat the Bengals, and $5 is a small price to pay for that to happen.

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    Re: Purplepat's Picks of the Week - Week 2

    hey purplepat-
    good luck on your 9 team parlay. I took The Vikes straight up $20 to win $49. No way Daunte has 2 bad games in a row. Also a 3 team parlay (Pats -3, Bills straight up, and Rams +1)-$20 wins $160.

    What is your payout on your $10 9- team teaser?
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    Re: Purplepat's Picks of the Week - Week 2

    a teaser-parlay is a an oxymoron, a teaser is playin with points a parlay is straight up
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