Here we are in week 5. I had to sweat out a weak little two-team 6.5 pt. teaser last week as Detroit scored in the final seconds to take the lead over the Buccaneers only to have the TD reversed on replay. So after 4 weeks, i'm 1-3 and a net $21.67 in the hole on my parlay bets. This week most of the spreads are close, so I'm shooting for a 4 team straight parlay

4 team parlay, $10 wagered to return $133.64

Tampa Bay -3 @ New York Jets
Philadelphia -3 @ Dallas
St. Louis -3 vs Seattle
Carolina -2.5 @ Arizona

St. Louis has beaten Seattle 4 straight times, and the Seahawks will be without their top two wideouts. Issac Bruce may also be down for the Rams, but their WR depth is much better. The Rams should post a win at home.

The Eagles are, well, the Eagles. Dallas looks improved, but not enough to beat the Eagles yet.

The Jets will start statue Vinny Testaverde at QB, who only has about a week or so with the Jets playbook. Cadillac Williams may be out, but Michael Pittman is no slacker. Jets haven't been able to get running game going this year yet, don't expect to see much change against the Buccaneer defense. I'm not sure how many points the Tampa Bay offense will put up, but I wouldn't be surprised if the defense didn't either score or directly contribute to about 2 TDs. Vinny will be pounded.

Carolina continues to confuse me, as I think they are a much better team than their won-loss record has shown to this point. Will the Arizona heat be a factor against the visitors? Did Arizona really click with Josh McCown at QB, or was it just because the opponent was the M.A.S.H. secondary 49ers? I've got to believe the Panthers defense comes up huge in this game to right their ship.

Oh by the way, I won my book's "free $10 bet" again last week, making me 3 for 4 on the season there.

the following was last week's post

Well, so far I'm 0 for the season. Last week's three-team parlay failed when the Dolphins beat the Panthers in Miami. Lost the "free bet" too, so no money picked up there. Here's my most conservative pick of the year, not even worth mentioning.

6.5 pt. teaser, $10 wagered to return $18.33

Cincinnati -3 vs Houston
Tampa Bay -0 vs Detroit

The Bengals have looked like world beaters, the Texans like crap. Bengals should tear the Texans up, but I'll play it safe this week with a win by three.

Tampa is also undefeated and facing a rested but unsettled Detroit team. Detroit was blown out in their last game, a road contest against the defense-minded Bears. Another road game against a similar opponent should produce similar results. Tampa at least figures to win at home.