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"PurpleRide" wrote:
There is nothing wrong with someone who might have a different outlook that you.
I know it might be new to some but the world does not revolve around MN.
I think the twins have a good shot at winning the division but I also understand who the world series champs are and until someone else holds the trophy they are the champs and will get others to favor them.
There is nothing wrong with that.
In regards to the game tonight, it will be close, I hope the vikings can pull it off and get a nice start to a tough 3 game schedual.
I don't think anybody thinks the world revolves around MN.
BUT in sports, it really does seem as though Minnesota usually doesn't get the credit it deserves when a team does well.
The Twins are a great example of this.
They have done nothing short of a miracle this season and yet they are hardly even mentioned each night on ESPN.
We just smoked the Tigers and all I see on television is white sox, yankee, and national league highlights.
Thank God Boston is choking on big floppy donky d!ck or we wouldn't be hearing the end of how great they are either.
The Twins are right up there with the best in the league and I never hear about it from anybody outside of Minny.
Too say that the ChiSox are going to flat out beat the Twins out is laughable.
I'm sure it will be close, but to think that they have it locked up is a joke.
Is everybody entitled to there own opinion?
Of course.
Is the rest of the world entitled to laugh at it....Absolutly.
Baseball tonight had a great segment on the twins.
There are too many people in MN who think the world is out to get the franchises, and everyone is against us.
The sux do have a lighter schedule down the streatch and that could be one of the factors.
The sux did win it all last year.
All i am saying is sometimes people are right when they say a MN franchise will not win, it is not always because they "hate us"
If somebody doesn't already have the title, I think you would be a perfect candidate for PPO Devil's advocate.
I don't mean any offense by that at all by the way.