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    Re: Pro Bowl no longer played in Hawaii as of 2010

    "Overlord" wrote:
    "ejmat" wrote:
    "Zeus" wrote:
    "ejmat" wrote:
    "Zeus" wrote:

    Does not playing in the game take away the honor of being selected?
    He'll still get the acknowledgement, the line on his resume and the money.
    He just won't have to play the game.
    Meanwhile, some alternate WILL get to play in the game, because AW can't.

    Put it this way - would you rather play in the Pro Bowl or the Super Bowl?
    Of course I would rather play in the superbowl but if I were selected to the probowl I would like to play in that as well.
    If it is a money reason for the change than inviting more alternates would only be paying more players.
    Not sure if the cost analysis there would favor the NFL.
    Maybe it woudl the city.
    They don't fill Aloha Stadium for the Pro Bowl now.
    I'm sure they think they'll get better attendance on the mainland.
    If Hawaii is so great - why hasn't the Super Bowl ever been out there?

    They possibly will get more attendance in Miami.
    In fact I may even be a ticket buyer.
    It still doesn't take away the fact probowl players should be able to play in the game they were voted to play in.
    Money wise I don't know since I don't have the numbers in front of me.
    I am sure they did a cost analysis and it is the reason for moving it.
    But why can't they just move it to the week after the superbowl like it is now?
    I am sure the attendance wouldn't change and it would be played with the people that were voted to play.
    I think you're missing the point.
    The big change is to move it before the Super Bowl, and the move out of Hawaii is a minor consideration.
    The goal is to improve interest from the television audience.

    Selling tickets hasn't been a problem based on this comment from the article:

    Hawaii tourism officials have lobbied in recent months to extend the game's current contract, which expires after this season's Pro Bowl, pointing to the fact that it's been sold out every year since moving to Honolulu and generates about $30.5 million in visitor spending and tax revenues.
    So ticket revenue probably isn't the biggest issue, TV is.
    The question they're trying to answer by doing this is to see if more people will watch it on TV when it's part of the Super Bowl build up, as opposed to something after the big game.
    If so, they can make more money that way.

    So ask yourself this: would I be more likely to watch the Pro Bowl the week before the Super Bowl without the Super Bowl participants, or after with about half of them?

    I'm pretty sure I'd watch the game the week before the Super Bowl, and I've only watched after once.
    I think more people are going to be in a similar position.
    I could be wrong, but that's what I think.

    And I also think that players like being recognized by being voted in, but very few take the game seriously.
    That is, most would just as well not play the game is my feeling.
    Few may take the game seriously but it doesn't mean they don't want to play in it.
    It still makes no sense to play the probowl game prior to the superbowl.
    This is an injury prone sport.
    Sure there are injuries in other sports but playing the game right before a superbowl makes no sense.
    I personally don't watch it much.
    I wouldn't make an extra effort to watch it before the superbowl.

    I don't mind moving it from Hawaii.
    I think they should hold it in the same arena as the superbowl every year.
    Nothing wrong with that.
    I just think the players that were voted in should be able to play without worrying about playing the next week in the biggest game of their life.

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    Re: Pro Bowl no longer played in Hawaii as of 2010

    It is an AP story posted on, so it isn't a joke in that sense.

    In my opinion, having the Pro Bowl prior to the Superbowl is just stupid.
    That means that players from the two best teams that season will not participate.
    Why even watch?

    And consider this, only warm weather teams will be allowed to host both the Superbowl and the Pro Bowl.
    The NFL wouldn't allow Minneapolis to host a Superbowl and then bring in Pro Bowl players to February temperatures.
    Many players wouldn't show up.
    As it is, the lure of a free trip to Hawaii for Pro Bowl players is what has kept the no-shows down for many years.
    Miami and Dallas do not have the same draw.

    What the NFL should have done was to have the same kind of Superstars competition that ABC had going in the 1970's.
    The playoffs teams each sent a team to fight it out in events like tug of war and the obstacle course.
    That was really fun to watch.

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