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    Pre-game warm-ups

    I was hoping someone here could give me the scoop on a typical pre-game schedule.
    I am attending the game in Seattle and want to see the warm-up.
    What time do the players generally hit the field?
    How long are they warming up?
    Is there anything worth seeing?
    Thanks for any replies.

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    Re: Pre-game warm-ups

    Usually like 2 hours before the game they are just out there with no pads on running around and stretching. Like an hour or so before the game all the players are out there with their pads on broken into there position groups. Lineman with lineman, backers with backers, etc. Then after all that they line up and do some team O and run through some plays.

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    Re: Pre-game warm-ups

    it is mostly stretching, route running, and wind sprints nothing too exciting but if you have never done it I would encourage you to check it out at least once, HAVE A BLAST

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