5. John David Booty (Min) – This is the ideal landing spot for Booty. Booty was the perfect option in the draft because he was a good value and he has a chance to compete for the starting job in time, perhaps only one season, if the Vikings need to make a change. He has no chance to play this year, but he will likely stick as the No. 3 behind Tarvaris Jackson and Gus Frerotte over veteran Brooks Bollinger.

Keeper League Analysis: He's worth a flyer in a larger keeper or dynasty league because he has the talent to be a starter, he's in the prefect system for his skills, and his team by no means has a franchise quarterback secured. The Vikings felt he was perfect for their West Coast offense, the basic system Booty ran at USC. That's because, in addition to having accuracy in the short field and a good sense of timing and anticipation, he has an ability to complete passes down the field, and he's pretty athletic. He's definitely a project, though, and while he has the tools to be a viable player in the NFL, it remains to be seen if he'll ever be one. In addition to having some issues with the mental aspects of the game, he has some problems with his technique and fundamentals, so he will have to be coached up big time for 1-2 years. He's strictly a long-term dynasty league prospect, but again he is one with a legitimate chance to not only compete for a starting job in a couple of years, but also to win the top spot and do pretty well.