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    Plummer flips the bird

    So Jake the Snake flips off the Donkey fans who were booing him, showing what a classy, professional guy he is. Part of me thinks this is funny since I still have some residual hatred for our old division rivals.

    But with all thats been going on lately in the world of sports between players and fans I think this is kind of sad. Its not nearly as bad as the Artest disaster but still what is going on here? I dont remember this kind of thing going on when I was growing up. I think both athletes and fans need to take it easy. At this rate it wont even be fun to go to a sporting event anymore.

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    Plummer flips the bird

    I'm sure there were a few obscenities being shouted that provoked that reaction. And the fact that the 2-win Sea Mammals were posing a problem. All's well that ends well at the Donkey Barn since they still won anyway.

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    Plummer flips the bird

    Jake plummers beard made him so much cooler.

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    Plummer flips the bird

    I think the fans need to lighten up.

    How bout a "Comon Jake Let's Go!!" not a

    "Jake you're a loser."

    Players want to play well. they are probably their own worst critics. Ease up!!

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