As we are approaching the halfway point of the season, I figure it is about time to ask who you think will be the playoff teams for this season. So give me your division winners and wildcards, and let the fur fly! Here are my picks:

North: Steelers
East: Jets
South: Texans
West: Chiefs
Wildcards: Dolphins, Patriots

North: Vikings (yes, I still think we can)
East: Giants
South: Falcons
West: Seahawks
Wildcards: Eagles, Redskins

I have all four wildcard teams from the East divisions. The AFCE is definitely the best division in that conference, and the NFCE just looks too competitive, although the Bucs might sneak in there from the South. Our own NFCN will send only one team due to the infighting and weak O-lines all around. Packers and Bears end up tied, one game behind us, but lose out because of conference tiebreakers.

Neither Super Bowl team makes it back into the playoffs. Colts fall just short, due to injuries. Saints fade back into mediocrity.

The Chiefs win the AFC West pretty much by default as everyone else falls apart. Raiders finish second, which tells you just how crazy things are out there. Likewise with the 'Hawks, as the NFCW is just horrid this year. 49ers make a run late but fall short.

The AFC South is the hardest pick for me, as three of the four teams are decent and difficult to predict. I could easily see either the Colts or Titans come out on top, but I feel that this is the year for the Texans.

So what do you guys and gals think?