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    Lightbulb Pick your Division winners

    So, now that we have passed the halfway point of the season, it's time to forecast our Division winners. Who do you think it will be in each of the eight?

    Maybe we can throw in some wild cards as well.

    Here are mine to start things off.


    West - looks pretty obvious at this point. Niners are rockin' it out on the West Coast.

    South - Tough call in a three-way race. I'm going with the Falcons in a close one, possibly by tiebreaker.

    East - The Redskins, Eagles and Cowboys all have too many fatal flaws, so that leaves the Giants on top, IMO.

    North - Does anyone really doubt the Packers take it? Much as I hate to say it, no one will be catching them.


    West - None of them are great, but all of them have a shot. I'm going with the Chiefs to win it again (as I told Singer in another thread) despite the blowout to the Dolphins at home. The Chiefs have always struggled against the Phish. Their divisional w/l record will be what decides it, I think, although the Raiders might still out-duel them. Chargers are done, and the Broncos can't ride Tebow very far.

    South - While Houston looks like the cream here, I still think Tennessee may have a shot at this. I'm going to take a flyer on them.

    East - All have been exposed, but I think the Jets take it. If the Bills don't lose confidence they might make a run for it. Patriots finish third regardless.

    North - The Bengals are really the current #1 seed in the Conference? Hard to credit, but there it is. It won't last all the way, however, as the Ravens look to be coming on very strong. Baltimore wins it.


    In the NFC, I think we'll be looking at the Saints almost certainly. The other one is harder to nail down. Sentimentally, I'm pulling for the Lions to beat out the Bucs, Bears, Eagles and Cowboys.

    As for the AFC, I'll call for the Bengals and Texans to rise above the rest, although the second place teams in the East and West may have a shot. By my picks above, that would be the Bills and Raiders.

    Now, your thoughts?

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    East- I think the Eagles pull it out and have a strong second half of the season. Lot of gelling needed to be done on that team and they should start to pick it up on the second half of the season.
    North- Packers easily. No explanation needed
    South- As much as I hate to say it, I think the Saints win it. Atlanta hasn't played stellar this year and TB has had a big drop off from last year.
    West- Niners. Again, no explanation needed


    East- Patriots. I think they make a statement win against the Jets this week and the Bills finish around 8-8
    North- Ravens. Cincy has had an incredibly easy schedule so far and the Steelers just aren't good enough
    South- Texans win this one by a couple games. Jags and Colts are garbage and the Titans have a better record than they actually are.
    West- Raiders. Broncos blow, Chiefs suck, and Chargers are a mess.

    Wild Cards
    NFC- Lions and Giants
    AFC- Steelers and Bengals
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    North: Packers
    South: Falcons
    East: NYG
    West: 49ers

    North: Steelers
    South: Texans
    East: Patriots
    West: Chiefs

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    East: Giants - they'll fail the least of these 4 reject teams
    North: Packers - unless Rodgers blows out a knee next week
    South: Saints - the Falcons are pretenders and I just can't take them seriously
    West: 49ers - their team plane could crash tomorrow and they'll still win this division

    WC1: Lions - Cutler is out, Romo sucks in December
    WC2: Falcons - they get in by default the rest of the conference sucks

    East: Patriots - Jets? LOL lets be serious
    North: Ravens - Ravens hold the tie breakers and Ginger has to play both BAL and PIT again
    South: Texans - Leinart has a 2 game lead with 6 to go, just hand it to Foster
    West: Raiders - don't count out the Chargers though, they seem to do it every year

    WC1: Steelers
    WC2: Bengals


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