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    Re: "PEP" not starting?

    "Prophet" wrote:
    Some of the Phins fans started their Joey chants after game 2, sound familiar?
    He is getting sacked left and right.
    The general consensus on the Phins board is that he holds on to the ball for too long and is not mobile.
    Personally, I think they started him way too early, should have waited until ~ wk 7.
    I hope he keeps playing and is a backup in the CFL next year.
    personally, I'm sure F'ing glad he's playing for the fins & NOT us !!

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    Re: "PEP" not starting?

    I didn't see the analysis but it sure sounds like it's accurate.
    I will admit after 2004 I though Pep was awesome hoever, I knew he really never learned to control the clock and manage a game.
    I liked him for his stats.
    My issue with him were the Vikings weren't winning games.
    Of course, I was saying well the defense stunk it up and made excuses.
    But when I watched him play last year I saw him change alot.
    Even after the first 2 games I was blaming everything on the front line.
    However there were plays where he did have time but was totally off his mark.

    I think at this point in his career it is too late to teach someone something they never knew how to do before.
    The guy has a fragile ego and when he's down, he's down.
    I don't think he can learn to manage the clock or play without being as mobile as he was.
    I will say this.
    I like Daunte as a person (from what I know) and I know he did what he had to do before the season.
    I don't blame him for taking care of himself.
    I do blame him for going about it the way he did and trying to make the organization look bad.
    I will admit since the beginning of the season I hoped he would do bad so the organization looks good for getting rid of him.
    If you look at what he's doing compared to Brad this year, they have the exact same stats.
    The difference is BJ hasn't looked horrible doing it.
    BJs stats would be allot better if it weren't for dropped passes and penalties.

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    Re: "PEP" not starting?

    Well it is official that Joey Harrington is starting this week and Daunte is inactive for the game what a useless player he has been and now I have no QB fo FF this week.
    > >
    Minnesota Vikings : Simply the best

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    Re: "PEP" not starting?

    Looks like we got a second round draft pick for a back up QB.
    Not too shabby.


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    Re: "PEP" not starting?

    One of his best assets was his ability to rush with the ball, if he is not doing that anymore it's just going to show up the areas of his game where he is weak even more.

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    Re: "PEP" not starting?

    [size=13pt]Saban, Culpepper had rift[/size]

    Daunte Culpepper and Nick Saban had a heated argument Friday, two days before the quarterback was benched for the Patriots game.

    Click the link for full article.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: "PEP" not starting?

    Daunte and Joey talk before the game.
    Daunte was expressing how confused he was that he accidentally got his number 8 jersey with the 3rd string QBs name on it.

    [img width=288 height=360][/img]

    PS, this is not an actual photo, this is a cruel JOKE!

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    Re: "PEP" not starting?


    I was watching the NFLN run down of the Sunday games, with Rich, PrimeTime, and Coach Mooch.
    Well, they were showing the Phin Highlights (or Lowlights) and they start by telling the facts about DC being left out of the game and then they go into the game.
    Well, they said something like this, JOEY had a good game and then he started throwing picks.

    Now for the funny part, when JOEY threw a pick, PrimeTime would say now there is the JOEY that MOOCH knows.
    That was funny in itself, but when Mooch busted out laughing, then it was even funnier.

    There is the Joey that Mooch knows!
    2 INTs!
    That is the Joey us Viking fans know also, sad to see him leave our division.

    DC will be back!!

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    Re: "PEP" not starting?

    "snowinapril" wrote:
    DC will be back!!
    Yeah, he'll be back there getting sacked, throwing picks and fumbling the ball.
    Even babies know the difference.

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    Re: "PEP" not starting?

    I called this I said when he was starting in preseason and wasn't moving very well that he would be out by week 6 and it's both Daunte's and Saban's fault!
    Daunte should have been kept out of all preseason and slowly brought along and maybe he would have been given the chance to start around week 8 and maybe he would have been effective, by pushing and pushing the injury all they did was slow the recovery process and almost got Daunte killed!

    But Daunte wanted to prove Minnesota wrong, and Saban is an overagressive coach who will sacrifice anybody to win and the combination is what is going to kill Daunte's career.
    A knee injury that bad needs a year to 18 months to heal and over 2 years to be fully recovered from it, and they tried to push him back in 9 months and they are now paying the price!

    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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