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    For The People Who Really Worship Brett Favre

    If anyone in the NFL represents a culture and generation gap in understanding of his value, it's Brett Favre. He was undeniably a great quarterback for years in Green Bay, but in recent seasons he's struggled with erratic play. Despite his declining skills, Favre still commands a fawning following, notoriously Sports Illustrated football writer Peter King and others who hold him up as the ideal aging veteran, a leader who performs with childlike joy. Of course, he's also the guy that tore apart the Jets' locker room last year and caused a rift between coach Eric Mangini and owner Woody Johnson. Either way, if this is the guy you want to emulate, you can buy Favre's truck on eBay.

    I suppose I could put this in the Club House but it does talk about football as well.
    Anyway, I thought of Mars when I came across this gem....... ;D
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: For The People Who Really Worship Brett Favre

    Does Madden or Mars worship Farve more?

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