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    Re: pat tillman secret

    "finnishvikingsfan" wrote:
    Pat Tillman was one of my favorite players when he played. When I heard that he was going to fight in the army I was stunned. After awhile I found out more about him I just that he was one of the greatest people anyone could meet. At his memorial service I watched it on espn I will admit I teared up a bit. I say they should have movie about him. He is what you would want to have your kids grow up to be.
    I would be honored for one of my boys to serve.

    Every generation in my family has, I was the last.

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    Re: pat tillman secret

    "DarrinNelsonguy" wrote:
    They should make him an honorary NFL Hall of Fame member and name a special NFL event after him.
    Side note:

    Maybe T.O. should look at what Tillman did and realize he has life by the a$$ so shut up and play.
    I agree with you 100 percent.

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