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Thread: Parcells: RBC

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    Re: Parcells: RBC

    "westvirginiavikings" wrote:
    Parcells needs to kick T-HO off his bike and send him home.
    That want be happening. T.O. has too much leverage. I am gald that T.O. is not on our team. Talk about a major headache. This is going to be a fun season for the Cowboys. The Bill and T.O. show.

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    Re: Parcells: RBC

    RBC is sometimes needed based on your RB's. Someone like W Dunn in Atlanta could not carry a full load, so TJ has to get some rep's. Jones in Dallas is good, should be a 20-25 carry guy, but he gets hurt too much. It all depends on who you have.

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    Re: Parcells: RBC

    T-Ho finally started practicing with the team yesterday.

    If I was one of his teammates I would be pissed!
    They're out there busting their balls practicing in the heat with banged up knee's and probably a sh*t load of bruises and they look over at him and he is hanging out with his personal trainer riding a bike, running at full speed and making cuts, but he can't practice with them?

    After signing a huge deal!

    I think that he is going to go after Bledsoe before preseason is over!
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Re: Parcells: RBC

    Monday, August 21, 2006
    Jones: T.O. may have another MRI on hamstring

    Associated Press

    SHREVEPORT, La. -- Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Monday night that receiver Terrell Owens may have another MRI exam taken to see why his hamstring continues to bother him after weeks of treatment.

    "Certainly it is sore and he is going to be working to improve that," Jones said during halftime of Dallas' preseason game against the New Orleans Saints. "We will be evaluating it more tomorrow."

    T.O. has spent more time on the sidelines than in uniform during the preseason, and now he may have to undergo another MRI.

    The hamstring has bothered Owens since the first week of training camp. He missed the first preseason game, then returned to practice last week, but not enough for coach Bill Parcells to clear him to play against the Saints.

    Jones said he's not sure whether Owens will be on the field when the team returns to practice Wednesday, which means he could also miss the next preseason game, at home Saturday night against San Francisco.

    "Soft tissue is such a hard thing to get definitive about," Jones said. "You don't need an MRI to understand it is compromising and bothering him. The main thing is it is not firing. He needs to get to a point where it fires."

    Jones said it's wrong to think Owens skipped a practice Saturday because he was angry that Parcells ruled him out of the Saints game.

    "That's humorous," Jones said. "There is no substance to that. That is not the deal. Terrell and Bill are on the same page. They both want him to be out there and without risk of him further hurting his ham. There is no issue here about them being off the page."

    The Cowboys led the Saints 17-0 at halftime, with quarterback Drew Bledsoe throwing touchdown passes to Terry Glenn and rookie Sam Hurd, who has worked a lot with Owens during training camp. It was Bledsoe's first action of the preseason after also being held out of the opener; he went 12-of-16 for 156 yards, leading Dallas to three scores in four drives.

    Bledsoe sat out a victory against Seattle last weekend because Parcells wanted to give plenty of work to backup Tony Romo. That's prompted speculation of Bledsoe's job being in jeopardy -- something else Jones downplayed.

    "I've never heard any debate about that from anyone on our staff," Jones said

    Jones said it's wrong to think Owens skipped a practice Saturday because he was angry that Parcells ruled him out of the Saints game.

    That is exactly what happened and it's T-Ho trying to show Parcels who is in charge, again!
    The same thing he was trying in Philly, working on his own away from his teammates is exactly what he did there.

    T-Ho is a great receiver but he isn't worth the distraction he causes on a team, he is going to force Parcells to take action against him and then he will come out with another book next year like this year how it is everybody else's fault not T-Ho.
    And some stupid owner will think that he can change T-Ho and sign him after the Cowboys cut him, and he will either run that coach and do what he wants or he will force the team to cut him there too.

    What is the easiest injury to fake?
    A muscle injury!
    Why because you strictly have to take the athletes word, it doesn't show up on an x-ray T-Ho can say "that it hurts" or "it doesn't feel right" or he can use his favorite saying "I know my body better than everybody else".

    He says that he initially felt a twinge in his hamstring and that wouldn't practice for almost
    2 weeks, but he was riding his bike and practicing on a separate field running and making cuts with his personal trainer.
    And after he got enough attention and he made enough controversy then he returned to practice, but Parcels said you aren't going to play if you didn't practice and suddenly T-Ho hamstring injury is back and he can't practice.

    Jones you are an idiot for signing this moron, and now you are making excuses for him!
    Parcels didn't want the guy on his team, and he has built one of the best defense in the NFL over the last 3 years and the Cowgirls looked like they were primed to make a run.
    And now T-ho will screw taht up and will either go after Parcels or after Bledsoe because that is was T-Ho does, and it is all about T-Ho you know!
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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