"StillPurple" wrote:
Um, you go to the FBI with the evidence and they arrest the guy and all his friends for conspiracy to commit a felony.

This is the U.S., right ?

If it were that easy to extort people, don't you think that there would be no rich celebrities anymore in the U.S. ? I mean, think of all the thousands of pro athletes and movie stars. If your theory is right and you "have to pay", why don't criminals do this to all rich and famous people ? I don't buy it. You do major hard time for even conspiring to do this kind of stuff, adn I doubt that there are that many evidentiary hurdles either, particularly if you already have a record of some kind (and if you don't have a record, where do you have the wherewithall to do this kind of crime ?).
The point of extortion or blackmail is that the perp has something on the victim (pacman).
The perp knows that he won't go to the cops and criminate himself.
Plus, the environment pacman was subjected to and was raised in looked down upon 'going to the cops'.
unacceptable to be a snitch.