Packers | Team's pass defense giving up big gains
Fri, 29 Sep 2006 20:42:53 -0700

Bob McGinn, of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, reports the Green Bay Packers' pass defense has allowed 16 passes of 20 yards or more in three games. The Packers allowed five passes of 20 yards or more after three games in 2005. LB Nick Barnett believes about 14 of those 16 long passes were partially the result of mental breakdowns. Barnett says the pre-snap interaction among players has not been good and added, "A lot of the stuff we've messed up on is communication. Calling the wrong check. Making the wrong checks. Thinking you're supposed to cut when you're not supposed to cut." While no player has been responsible for more than three of the long pass plays, a personnel director has not been impressed with the team's starting safeties of SS Marquand Manuel and FS Nick Collins. "I think those two safeties are both bad cover guys. Any inside passing game, any post-corner, anything over the top they're to help with, forget it. [size=12pt]I don't know how the hell Manuel stays on the field. He's not a good player at all.[/size]"