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    Re: Packers' talent matches Vikings'

    "Webby" wrote:
    "singersp" wrote:
    Posted September 27, 2006

    [size=13pt]Chris Havel column: Packers' talent matches Vikings' [/size]

    By Chris Havel

    To say the Green Bay Packers are a young team is getting old. To say they are rebuilding is nothing more than a convenient excuse for failure.

    It is time to quit perpetuating the myth.

    The truth is, the Packers' frontline players have enough experience to compete, and the 53-man roster has enough talent to win more than it loses.

    Do the Packers have the weapons to challenge the Chicago Bears in the NFC North? Nope. That was evident in their 26-0 loss in the opener. Do they have the talent to make the Minnesota Vikings sweat it out in the race for second place? You bet.

    Starter for starter, the Packers stack up favorably with the Vikings. In some ways, they have more talent based upon past performance. If the Packers continue to stay healthy, and inexperienced backups aren't thrust into starting roles, they should be right there with the Vikings come December.

    If the Packers become also-rans, it won't be because they are young or rebuilding. It will be due to one or all of the following:

    Coach Mike McCarthy, offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski, defensive coordinator Bob Sanders and special teams coach Mike Stock do a poor job.

    The veterans fail to consistently perform up to their potential.

    A slew of injuries at key positions, particularly quarterback, receiver and the offensive line, reduces the offense to a shambles.

    That is true of most NFL teams, and the Packers are no different. To say General Manager Ted Thompson didn't provide McCarthy, Sanders or Stock with the horses to run a competitive race is naïve.

    Consider the Packers' and Vikings' depth charts. Which quarterback (Brett Favre or Brad Johnson?), tight end (Bubba Franks or Jim Kleinsasser?) or receiving tandem (Donald Driver and Greg Jennings or Travis Taylor and Troy Williamson?) would a majority of NFL teams prefer?

    True, the Vikings' offensive line, interior defensive line and safeties are more talented, and running back Chester Taylor gets the nod over Ahman Green at this stage of their careers. But the Packers' defensive ends rate a slight edge, and their linebackers are physically superior. The Vikings' Fred Smoot and Antoine Winfield have outperformed Al Harris and Charles Woodson, but what cornerback tandem hasn't ? Harris and Woodson are too talented, and they should be too embarrassed, to let that continue.

    The Vikings' Tony Richardson is a powerful blocking fullback, but William Henderson is the more effective receiver.

    Ex-Packers kicker Ryan Longwell is money in the clutch, but Dave Rayner missed only a 53-yarder and has the stronger leg on kickoffs. The punters are a draw, and Green Bay's return game is more explosive with Koren Robinson and Woodson.

    The Vikings' Kevin Williams is a Pro Bowl defensive tackle that can dominate a game, and their offensive line is capable of punishing the best defensive front sevens. Those are significant advantages for the Vikings, but the overall disparity between the teams — if one exists — is minimal.

    If the Packers finish a distant third to the Vikings, or worse, dead last in the NFC North, the culprits will be ineffective coaching, substandard play by key veterans and-or a spate of injuries.

    The perception of the Packers is that of a young, rebuilding team.

    That isn't the reality.

    Chris Havel can be reached by voice mail at (920) 431-8586 or by e-mail at [email protected]
    I wanna smoke some of that.

    Him and Bono must share a cube.
    Maybe he IS bono!!!

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    Re: Packers' talent matches Vikings'

    Im guessing he didnt get word of the boil order issued in Green Bay the other day.
    Either that or his journalism degree came from Bovine University.
    ...Rodgers had to hold on the ball longer, giving players like Jared "I am completely insane and will literally eat your children" Allen time to sack Rodgers again.And again. And again. Actually I think Rodgers may have nightmares about Jared Allen the rest of the year.

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    Re: Packers' talent matches Vikings'

    hahahahahahahahahahahaha..william henderson more effective receiver? when he catches what? maybe 1-2 balls every couple of games?

    winfield and smoot have outperformed GBs corners, and this guy somehow comes to the conclusion that the vikings dont have the upper hand there because harris and woodson "have too much talent" to get beat..but guess what? THEY HAVE GOTTEN BEAT..theyve gotten absolultely torn up and embarrassed, and he even admits that every CB tandem has been better, so how does that give GB the right to say theyre as good as anybody?

    punting is NOT a draw, their punter is a rookie out of the CFL that has only played 3 games, while Kluwe was around the top of the league last season..trying to say that rayner has a stronger leg on kickoffs doesnt make him a better or as good a FG kicker by any means

    bubba franks isnt as good as jermaine wiggins, so this guy purposely uses Kleinsasser to make his point appear valid, what a disgraceful piece of journalism when you purposely leave out a top 3 TE in the NFC and put in his backup that is a HB

    since this guy has based his entire article on "they have more talent based upon past performance." question is WHO? Brett Favre and Charles Woodson? both way past their primes and holding on to whatever is left of their career? Woodson has been hurt like every year the past 3 seasons and Brett Favre has as many championships as Johnson does, just with a ton more INTs

    where is this "past experience"? i dont see it anywhere, their team is all young and inexperienced with 5 or 6 mediocre old guys sprinkled in..we are better at every single position on the field except MAYBE LB, thats the only place they MIGHT be better

    rediculous piece of journalism by a Packers Fan..thats right, a Packers Fan, because this is not the work of a true Writer

    People who see life as anything more than pure entertainment are missing the point.

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    Re: Packers' talent matches Vikings'

    I see this every year, right after the first Packer win the Nation of Limburger comes out en masse and starts proclaiming their superiority.
    If they wind up winning a second game anytime soon, the "We're going to the Superbowl" chants will reappear as well.

    The truth, that the Packers are a bottom-of-the-NFL team, is too hard for these people to accept.
    They spent so long dwelling there, and were so glad to get out, that the prospect of a return to the cellar has them clinging to faint hope much like they cling to sheep in the wee hours after bar time.

    Keep in mind, Packer fans aren't like Lions fans.
    Lions fans know - every single year - that they will fall apart.
    Packer fans DEPEND on that to keep them off the bottom of the pile.
    Last year it didn't least not enough to keep them off the bottom.
    Let's just say that there are a lot of suspicious looking lambs running around after the off season (Remember, those clinging hopes...).

    And, the Wisconsin media FEEDS that delusional state.
    They THRIVE on it.
    They know that as long as they can fuel the fires of hope, the Packer Faithful will continue to put the pictures of "Brett & Company" up on the barn walls so they can be viewed while they inseminate the goats.

    In short, don't take this guy too seriously.
    Facts and honest assesssments aren't their forte.


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