Gado dismissed from search for a fullback
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Posted: Aug. 23, 2006

...Gado was willing to try the fullback position to help make up for the loss of Henderson, who might not be back in time for the season opener. But he doesn't have natural blocking ability and hadn't played the position since high school, so it wasn't a surprise he didn't last there very long.

The Packers' tight ends all have run-blocking ability and have motioned in front of the halfback to become a lead blocker in the team's old offensive system. Backup David Martin was used as a fullback at the end of the 2002 season because of injuries at the position, and free agent Tory Humphrey was used their on the practice squad last year.

"There's not many just downhill collisions for our fullbacks," Jagodzinski said. "It gives us more flexibility as a staff that if we are short in one area to just keep cross-training guys. That's what we're doing right now."...