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Try crosshairs.
Jared Allen is gonna "spotlight" Rodgers in the first game of the year and introduce him to life in the NFL.
I bet he doesn't even get close to Rodgers.

Lets not forget that he got 3 tackles and a half a sack against them last year.
My guess is they will do the same thing to negate his rush as they did last year.

What needs to happen when they do that is our MLB, two DT's and the LDE need to make them pay (unlike KC's D).

I look for a big game out of EJ, Ray and Kevin with respect to getting pressure on young Rodgers. :

I watched a replay of that game shortly after we got Allen. All I watched was Allen. He was held on virtually every play.I'm not talking the questionable stuff, but arm hooked around the torso.
If the refs allow that in Green Bay, I suspect Allen won't fair much better!
no more brett favre!