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    Packers exec accused of sexual assault.............

    their year just keeps getting better and better............

    Packers scout accused of sexual assault near bar

    By Andy Nelesen
    [email protected]

    A Green Bay Packers scout is accused of sexually assaulting a 21-year-old woman outside an Ashwaubenon bar last week.

    Marc Lillibridge, 32, the Packers’ assistant director of pro personnel, faces one felony count of second-degree sexual assault for allegedly forcibly removing the woman’s pants and forcing himself on her.

    According to the criminal complaint filed in Brown County Court on Tuesday, Lillibridge met the 21-year-old woman at Anduzzi’s Sports Bar on Sept. 30, and they moved their conversation outside the bar — to exchange phone numbers —because of the noise inside.

    The pair then moved toward the rear of the property, near a shed, and began kissing. The woman told detectives that she initially kissed him back and allowed him to fondle her. As the exchange became more intimate, she began to feel uncomfortable.

    The woman said she pulled away and wanted to go back inside the bar. Lillibridge exposed himself and asked that she fondle him and became agitated when she refused, the complaint said.

    According to the complaint, Lillibridge pulled her toward him aggressively and said it was not fair that he made her feel good, but that she wouldn’t reciprocate. The woman said he then pulled her pants and underwear down with one hand while pinning her against the shed with the other hand.

    The woman said she told Lillibridge to stop, but he told her to “shut up.”

    He turned her face toward the shed, pushed her shoulders down and tried to have sex with her, the complaint said.

    The woman said she began screaming, yelling that she did not want to have sex. She told detectives Lillibridge eventually let her go without actually having sex with her.

    The woman pulled her clothes back on, rejoined her friend in the bar and left.

    Her friend told the alleged victim where Lillibridge worked and the woman later found Lillibridge’s name and photo on the Green Bay Packers’ Web site.

    Brown County District Attorney John Zakowski said the case is in its early stages but said some corroborating evidence backs up the woman’s allegation. He declined to offer specifics.

    The charge levied against Lillibridge alleges sexual contact by use of force or violence. If convicted, Lillibridge faces 40 years in prison.

    Ashwaubenon Public Safety Cmdr. Jim Molloy said the alleged victim came to public safety offices on Oct. 1 to report the attack.

    Detectives questioned Lillibridge on Monday after he returned from a trip outside Wisconsin.

    He was arrested and booked into the Brown County Jail about 4:30 p.m. Monday.

    According to the Packers media guide, Lillibridge is in charge of scouting the arena football leagues, Canadian Football League, NFL Europe and the Packers’ upcoming opponents.

    Packers spokesman Jeff Blumb said Lillibridge was placed on administrative leave on Monday.

    “We are going to let the case resolve itself” before the team takes any further action, Blumb said.

    Lillibridge is an NFL alumnus, having played with the Philadelphia Eagles, the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins and the New Orleans Saints.

    A back injury, sustained in August 1999 as a linebacker, ended Lillibridge’s pro career. He joined the Packers football staff in 2000.

    Lillibridge, of De Pere, is married with a 2-year-old son. He was freed from the Brown County Jail on Tuesday after posting a signature bond, essentially a promise to return to future court appearances. He is set to appear at a preliminary hearing Oct. 25.
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    Packers exec accused of sexual assault.............

    That woman must have freaked out when Lillibridge exposed himself and she saw his little GREEN pecker! Seriously, the guy is an idiot and no woman should have to put up with that behavior. I would be just as outraged if it was a Vikings exec (glad to know that it's not, though). I hope that he gets the appropriate punishment for his inexcusable behavior.

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    Packers exec accused of sexual assault.............

    Never heard of him. If I haven't heard of him, he's no one of consequence.

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    Packers exec accused of sexual assault.............

    i hope he gets molested

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    Packers exec accused of sexual assault.............

    Just throw him in the general population upstate and let's see how much "action" he gets...then he will understand what happens when some inmate spins him around and says to shut up!

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