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    Pack to Implode in 2006?

    POSTED 7:13 a.m. EDT, June 3, 2006
    Mike Florio

    As if the Green Bay Packers' 4-12 season in 2005 wasn't bad enough, the first year under new coach Mike McCarthy is showing early signs of being a potential train wreck.

    The evidence? At a time when the team should be getting up to speed on the new systems that the new staff is putting into place, far too many players who'll be expected to contribute when the season begins are still nowhere to be found.

    And McCarthy is coming off like a guy with no juice, telling the media that he doesn't know when guys like cornerback Al Harris, cornerback Charles Woodson, receiver Rod Gardner, and defensive tackle Ryan Pickett will show up for OTAs that run through June 21.

    Harris isn't with the team because he's unhappy with his contract -- a fact that prompted McCarthy to take out some of his frustrations recently on Jason Wilde of the Winsconsin State Journal, who had the audacity to, you know, report the reason for Harris' absence.

    But Harris is a guy who pre-dates the regime of McCarthy and G.M. Ted Thompson; Woodson and Pickett are guys that Mike and Ted added this offseason.

    As one league insider has explained, the absence of Woodson and Pickett is further proof as to why both have been deemed underachievers during their NFL careers. "They've have never played up to all the hype, and then they go to a new team and are still pieces of sh-t off and on the field," said the source.

    We've previously opined that the Pack are capable of winning the NFC North in 2006, and that their effort in 2005 wasn't as pathetic as their 4-12 record would indicate. But given that NFL teams put in 90 percent of the offense and defense during offseason workouts, we're starting to develop real concerns that the Pack will struggle come September.

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    Re: Pack to Implode in 2006?

    I saw this on PFT. This coach must be a real dingy. Can you image what the Star/Trib sports writers would say about him when they kick around Childress like they do? Then again, they are stupid enough to think he's the smartest coach in the world. This guy has lot control of the team before the season ever starts.
    Kinda like Marvin Lewis is gonna be with the Ben-Gals after the draft he had.
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    Re: Pack to Implode in 2006?

    0-16? I think so!

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    Re: Pack to Implode in 2006?

    I think we have a really great chance at dominating the NFC North!! If you look at the Packers, they don't have everyone at practice, you have a 16 season QB who came off terrible season, and you are now trying to teach that guy a whole new Offense!! Detroit Lions: They hate practicing hard, having a new coach in the mix and they got a scrub QB!! I know we have a new coaching staff on Offense and Defense, but we have most, if not all, of the players in practice learning this new playbook!! I think it will play out like last season; where it was a battle between the Bears and the Vikes!! I just don't think the Bears did enough in the offseason to upgrade on either side of the ball, plus their RB is complaining about his Contract which doesn't help their team chemistry at all!!

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    Re: Pack to Implode in 2006?

    With the great draft they had, they'll win 4 games. They shouldn't worry though, all these top 5 picks will eventually lead to them being a good team.

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    Re: Pack to Implode in 2006?

    In the North IMHO I think the Detroit Kittys might sneak up on a few teams this year.

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